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Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso
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Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso
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Yuri!!! on Ice
A protagonist who wants to quit what he loves doing because of bad mental state, but gets motivated by his lov..I mean, friend, who supports him and helps him climb back to the top. Both have artists who create stories with their performance, and there is a lot of inner monologues. Yuri on Ice has less drama than Shigatsu.
report Recommended by fuyuki
Young Prodigy that stopped playing what they loved very much caused of traumatic events (Piano in 4gatsu, Ice Skating in Yuri), but in their heart they still loved it no matter how long they're stopped. Both main character has rising up to the top once more because they meet an important ones who admired and support them for coming back once again .. Although both series have a different focused (Shigatsu focus on Classic Music, and Yuri focus on Ice Skating Sport), but they share similar atmosphere .. Both are worth to watch
report Recommended by TKZmine
Both shows feature a talented protagonist and follows them as they work their way up through competitions. A lot of time is spent on the performances in each, featuring excellent camerawork, and monlogues to make these moments highlights of the shows. The emotions and tension surrounding these events are closely explored too. The atmoshpere in each show is lighthearted, with comedy and heartwarming moments along with periods where the show is more serious. There are also romantic undertones in each - this forms a large part of each show's appeal. Art style in both is crisp and features a vivid palette.
report Recommended by Brachy
The whole vibe and art of both shows is pleasing, both feature great soundtracks, and can appeal to people besides those with an interest in what the anime involves (competitive piano or competitive figure skating). Both shows are unlike other competition anime because one does not need to know a whole lot about the competition before watching. They also feature unique characters and are all around a great experience.
report Recommended by trainerblack
○ Both star a troubled, but talented MC who learns to reignite their passion through the idol that they admire and those that support them ○ Both MCs struggle with disorders related to depression and performance anxiety ○ Lovely piano music ○ Beautiful artwork and animation ○ Enjoyable even if the viewer knows nothing about the subject, which in this case is ice skating and classical music
report Recommended by Sawp
Both Yuri!!! on Ice and Your Lie in April have a central theme and talent that the main characters are involved in and the plot revolves around. With Yuri!!! on Ice, it's ice skating, and in Your Lie in April, it's music. Both seriesdeal with the emotions and thoughts of the competitors during competitions and the problems they deal with in their everyday life, also. I personally enjoyed Your Lie in April more, since it handles the story besides music really well, while Yuri!!! on Ice doesn't have too much of a plot besides skating so far. The latter is not done   read more
report Recommended by ZTW
In Your Lie in April, Kaori is a fan of Kousei, and they gets to play together. In Yuri on Ice, Yuuri 'worships' Victor when he was young, and Victor came to be his coach. So Yuri on Ice is Your Lie in April minus the sadness and drama.
report Recommended by AnekiHayashiSan
The main characters grow with each other as the series progresses, and have amazing, inspiring performances and a great soundtrack. Both are serious for performances, but also have a lighter side, like pork cutlet bowls.
report Recommended by HireASamurai
Both Yuri on Ice and Your Lie in April are quite similar in the fact that both of our main protagonists are trying to achieve a goal, or are close to giving up on their dreams. Someone talented and free-spirited comes along and decides to help the protagonist do something amazing that they didn't believe they were capable of before. This person that comes along teaches the protagonist how to be confident and try new things. Both animes have a romance aspect, but Yuri on Ice is more prominent towards the storyline (and it is between two male characters). Either way, both of these animes   read more
report Recommended by phandvan
Both love stories and finding strength from the influence of others. Yuri on Ice is a little more upbeat
report Recommended by zRana_