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Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso
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Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso
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These anime revolves around music, in which develops the traits of each character in the story. In Shigatsu, they use piano and/or violin and play classical music. In Hibike, they joined a wind ensemble and also play classical music. The characters strive for their best and overcome the difficulties they meet in order to play with all their best. They also join competitions.
report Recommended by raviel_ken
More music but with pianos and violins. The story line is great and the graphics top notch
report Recommended by animemusicFCB
Beautiful animes about music, friendships, hardships and different emotions. Both are stunning series that you will enjoy even if you have no knowledge of music.
report Recommended by bakaoneechan
If you like the classic "romance, school, music, drama" genre combination (aka my favorite combo of genres) then you'll for sure love this anime. Both animes do a great job of expressing raw emotion, and Hibike does a fantastic job highlighting each individual character in their own respective ways to the extent where you can't help but feel emotionally attached to them all. Not to mention, much like Your Lie in April, the animation with Hibike! is top notch, if not better (which is quite the statement with how beautiful the animation in Your Lie in April was!). If you're ready for another feels train, this   read more
report Recommended by alangwiggy
Students Playing a Piano and Violin VS Students Playing in a School Band 10/10
report Recommended by Crawdunk
both of these anime are musical materpieces, featuring great graphics, moving ost, decent story (both are pretty character driven, your lie in april moreso than h!e), and some romance (don't try to tell me that kumiko and reina are not in love.). hibike is a lot less tragic and a little faster paced than your lie in april
report Recommended by strategay
Same genres and almost same story. In Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso story revolves around a boy that play Piano very good but left it midway. And now his friend trying to get him back playing piano. In Hibike! Euphonium? story revolves around a girl who plays Euphonium very good and joins good for nothing concert band of a school,now she and her companion target goals to perform at nationals,Can they do it?
report Recommended by hunterking
Extracurricular school activities the same theme.By then participating in the school or outside school. So when a race or competition, namely: 1. Championships 2. Achievements 3. Focus 4. Hard Business 5. Struggle 6. Set the Balance
report Recommended by Yuki-Haru
Hibike! Euphorium's theme is similar to Shigatsu's, but it's much better executed in animation, musical consistency, story and character development. Plot: Whilst Shigatsu's plot always stays centered in Kousei, with much of it mopping over the same very particular issue; Hibike's story deals with more approachable day-to-day circumstances spread over several members of the group, while still focusing the main character's POV. The pace is much better, with problems quickly getting acted on (or, purposely, not) as soon as the audience is aware of them. Characters: Whist Shigatsu, once again, tends to develop around Kousei (and Kaori in the last episode), Hibike's story jumps development from character to character,   read more
report Recommended by have_a_starfish
High school students performing classical music With romance (subtle in Hibike!) sprinkled over as a cherry on top.
report Recommended by Solaris-----
Music and relationships. Deep character development and interactions.
report Recommended by Jamaru_99
Music anime with great characters and compelling but relatively minor drama. Fleshed out characters with realistic and funny female main character. Highly enjoyable feel good show.
report Recommended by Narujoe