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Both of them grant requests, just that one deals with wishes and one deals with revenge. Also, both require compensation. Ai looks like a mini version of Yuuko with the long flowing black hair, they have assistants as well
report Recommended by ZJun
xxxHolic and Jigoku Shoujo are very similar because both are talking about woman that grants wishes, and in both animes, if u want to grant your wish, u have to pay a price. Both are horror animes and even have the same atmosphere.
report Recommended by Lyle
Well,the protagonists characters look almost the same and the stories resembles: Enma Ai is a young girl who grants vengeance in exchange for your' soul.The subject of your revenge will be taken to hell.
report Recommended by SailorKagome
Both are about granting wishes. In both you must pay or sacrifice something important to make your wish come true. Even Ai and Yuuko are similar - not only their hair ^^
report Recommended by Autre
Although Jigoku Shoujo is the more serious of the two, the same theme is in the show; a person who grants a wish, and a price to be paid. ^_^;
report Recommended by Cantaloupe
it's because both grant wishes but one is desire and other is revenge, both require compensation as well. And Ai looks like a mini Yuuko with the long black hair and the red eyes. both have assistants as well.
report Recommended by Wybock
Both hell girl and xxxholic are a horror anime. They both allow wishes to be granted and specify that there always has to be a price....nothing less and nothing more of you wish.
report Recommended by animelover796
Both of these shows deal with a girl/woman who grants varieties of people wishes. In Jigoku Shoujo, Enma Ai- the Hell girl (Jigoku Shoujo) grants people the wish of vengeance, while in xxxHOLiC, a variety of different wishes are granted, such as a customer wishing to be ridden of their bad habits, or something completely different and supernatural. Both of these shows are very enjoyable, although I loved Jigoku Shoujo more (since it was my first anime). Holic was a delight to watch as well.. both of the series have amazing original soundtracks which I enjoyed a lot. Anyone who loved Holic or Jigoku Shoujo   read more
report Recommended by LoveEnmaAi
different peoples stories around a central theme each episode and with the appearance of the main characters each episode though in xxHolic it is a larger proportion main charcter. They both have a "darkness in the human heart" theme going. In xxxHolic it's various sins, in Hell Girl it's seeking out revenge at the cost of your soul. xxxHolic has a fair bit of comedy to it that Hell Girl doesn't have .
report Recommended by wichysteria
1. Both have a connection to the supernatural 2. Both have great main female characters (Yuuko ichihara/ Enma Ai) 3. Both have traditional japanese symbols along the storyline
report Recommended by turquoise_neko
These two have rather dark setting featuring the deals provided by the service of not this world creatures though possessing human appearance. However the cost might be too high. So only the choosen can make these deals.
report Recommended by highfeel