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Judgement is passed down based on a set of principles that determines a person's worth. Betrayal and corruption does not necessarily distinguish right from wrong but rather affirms the fear of losing something previous or escaping death. 'Death Parade' showcases its tense and engaging characteristics from the get-go which did not disappoint. The worthiness of a soul is established through a variety of games where they will be reincarnated or released into the dark void. The power wielded by both god and demon are too great to bare and the servants can only glance from a distance. Regardless of the pain and cruelty inflicted on the   read more
report Recommended by ShanaFlame
Both are episodic, focusing on different 'victims' and their stories in an episodic but interconnected manner. Both revolve around the theme of death. Both have a cold-hearted main character that opens up more over time. Both have a dark and serious tone. Hell Girl is longer and feels like it has more filler.
report Recommended by SaturnSkye
In terms of the overall theme and atmosphere, these 2 shows are very similar. Both have a "monster of the week" format, character vs character motivation stories. However, Jigoku Shoujo is more straightforward and action packed, focusing on the "stories" between the characters of the week, which are centered around revenge. Death Parade on the other hand is much more ambiguous and philosophical, usually it is not so much about the guest characters but the themes they represent.
report Recommended by xxwattcherxx
Both series are very much like each other. Same feel, similar art, similar characters, the music is very much alike. They have the same theme of deciding where someone will go once they day, even though one is more about revenge and the other is more about judging people based on their life. I am sure if you like one you will like the other.
report Recommended by darklordrabey
Both shows are episodic which contain same main characters through out the show. And as Jigoku Shoujo deals with death and humans psyche on the real world, Death Parade does on the afterlife. Through out the shows something slowly stirs up which becomes concluded in the last episodes of the shows.
report Recommended by MaridiuS
Both dwell on the concept of a special being passing judgement onto souls. The episodes are also similar because they show us the troubled lives and deaths of normal human beings that are replaced with different ones as the show progresses.
report Recommended by laladrii
They have a similar idea. In Death Parade people are sent to reincarnation or void, and there is a mysterious person who decides that. In Jigoku Shoujo there is a girl who sends people to hell when you make a deal with her. I think that, in Death Parade, there will probably be some episodes with separate stories (different people playing games in each episodes) like in Jigoku Shoujo. They are both psychological genre.
report Recommended by Shimai_ni
Both shows express human psychology, symbolism, and have deep meanings behind the curtains. Whereas in Death Parade they present more emotion than Jigoku Shoujo. Both shows also have human deaths and cruelty every episode, and are episodic.
report Recommended by BaptizED
Both of these series are nearly identical subsequently about who is gonna go to hell and heaven but death parade is more complex since they had trial and error and fair judgement to our lad and lass who died lining up to test them fairly.
report Recommended by Titon
Both have a similar episodic concept where you meet new people with their problems and they are supposed to make a decision in the end which reflects darkness in their souls.
report Recommended by deepjahan
- Both are about passing judgement on people. ( Death Parade who looks into the idea of void and recreation, Jigoku Shoujo just looks into hell.) - Both are anime that peer into the hearts of "guest characters" through the eyes of the main characters. ( Hell Girl does so to send souls to hell, Death Parade does so to determine whether souls get sent to be reincarnated or to oblivion.)
report Recommended by AreyKyoya
- Both features a dark theme. - The main characters provide judgment although Jigoku Shoujo mainly focuses on putting a person to hell. - The major characters test the dead/people to confess their sins and their deepest emotions.
report Recommended by neko1995
Both are episodic shows that focus on death, existentialism and tragedy. Both have major characters that are the embodiment of grim reapers.
report Recommended by maattthhhh