FLCL, Detroit Metal City Recommendations

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Detroit Metal City
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Detroit Metal City
Rock n Roll and crazy comedy, kind of like FLCL.
report Recommended by Saintevil
Bizarre short series, action-packed, furiously paced, random events, musical instruments, general foul-mouthedness, sexual undercurrent, horny women (lol), hilarity, both very watchable (SO MUCH SO, YOU WILL WATCH THEM IN LESS THAN A DAY)
report Recommended by bodge
Both titles define craziness (crazy characters, stories and animation styles). Also feature guitars especially used as weapons.
report Recommended by lordblackness88
Though their plots are very different, there are some similarities between FLCL and DMC that will probably make you want to try them both: - craziness and intensity; - adult humour, vulgarity and violence; - rock music and musical instruments; - lead character seem to be just a regular guy unless he reveals his another astonishing identity; - both last about 2 hours in total , and both are defenitely worth spending time on them.
report Recommended by Inevitabilis
If you love random, nonsensical comedy, then FLCL and DMC are for you. They are similar because of their humorous, yet adult-like, theme. Both main characters have split personalities, however in DMC it's a bit more extreme. The animation, though different, is similar to me. I'm no expert on art and animation but the way they throw in funny and random background images or side stories is why I would watch them over and over again. If you like what they would call "adult humor", then DMC and FLCL are definitely worth checking out.
report Recommended by Kataranara
Both are crazy OVA comedies with similar humor and ocasional randomness. While FLCL has rock soundtrack and is more dementia, Detroit Metal City has metal soundtrack and is more about music.
report Recommended by abystoma2