FLCL, Abenobashi Mahou☆Shoutengai Recommendations

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Abenobashi Mahou☆Shoutengai
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Abenobashi Mahou☆Shoutengai
Both series are insanely fun, insanely awesome or just insane. Both seem like some screwed up story which turns out to be more than just nonsense.
report Recommended by RoadLord
Same studio and a good amount of parody in both titles.
report Recommended by Blaem
alot of the same zany and wild comic approach. it you like comedys then you'll love abenobashi
report Recommended by Tachi-Kun
Both animes are full of wacky situations, fast-paced animation, similar characters, and just a ton of fun randomness! Abenobashi has all the things that made FLCL awesome just with double the amount of episodes, way more allusions, a bit more ecchi, and Osaka accents. Can't go wrong with that. :]
report Recommended by YakuzaDog
wow, the comparison is so close that i thought this was a continuation of FLCL some how.
report Recommended by DotHacker666
Abenobashi features some great animation direction from Gainax animators like Hiroyuki Imaishi, who made his first big splash with the mind-blowing visuals in FLCL. Both series also follow a boy's emotional growth, though Abenobashi's development is considerably less bombastic and blunt than FLCL's. And of course, both are full of hilarious otaku-centered humor.
report Recommended by VamptVo
If you like twisted plots, and funny scenes all the time. You'll like this series. It's made by Gainax too, and have many references to many pop cultural manga & anime stuff. It's a weird comedy, but you'll have a good time with Abenobashi.
report Recommended by LaOveja
First of all, both of these are not very mainstream, not the most original thing ever or anything, mut not mainstream either. FLCL and Abenobashi look pretty similar, they both have kinda same kind of drawing style and stuff. Animation looks pretty much the same, both have pretty awesome animation, smooth but still very rapid at times. And on fast scenes there happens a lot of stuff and you have to be sharp to see everything. If you liked FLCL, but thought it was a bit too confusing and you really kind of didn't get what it was about, Abenobashi might be the right one for you. Also   read more
report Recommended by mansikka
Colorful, pretty absurd atmosphere and explosive characters. :)
report Recommended by cockroaches
The flow of how the story is told and unravels is similar. Both stories also seems to be surreal, yet still have some ties to what used to be reality. It seems to be a coming of age type of story, but told in a round about way. What strikes me most similar would probably be the bold animation style. Both has over the top animation, where it exaggerates cartoonish aspects. It also contains a lot of symbolism, which is subtle or used as the stage of the episode.
report Recommended by lackofwords
Both are Gainex coming of age stories with the same wacky atmosphere.
report Recommended by LittleCaesars
Both have a very similar humor and near identical amount of randomness. Abenobashi is much more story driven, but they both deliver a lot of confused laughs, and have a surprisingly dark tone at times.
report Recommended by HalibelTheEspada
Both of these Anime are made by Gainax studio, so they have the same art style and the same color scheme. The main characters of both series are a little boy and a little girl, who both get help from an older woman. Both series deal with metaphors and both have very random comedy as well. Both series deal with mature and similar themes, FLCL deals with the theme of growing up from child to adult while Abenobashi deals with the theme of not being able to grow up.
report Recommended by Optigisa