Elfen Lied, Ajin Recommendations

Elfen Lied
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Elfen Lied
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* Both series shows supernatural beings ( Diclonius & Ajins ) being hunted by humans...
* Both shows are dark and dramatic...
* Both MC's ( Lucy & Kei ) becomes cold hearted killers ( mostly for self defense )
* Both Lucy & Kei has helpful people around them...
* Both are intense as hell...
* Both has 13 episodes in total ( Ajin has movies )
report Recommended by Konte
Ajins and diclonius have suffered from experiments and torture by humans.
report Recommended by OtakuNote87
Both titles include supernatural beings hunted by scientists.
Some of those specimens broke free and are hating humans for pain that they causing him.
report Recommended by Piromysl
- Both deal with humans dealing with supernatural beings which are invisible to them and trying to exterminate them
- both MCs (Lucy in EL and Kei in Ajin) are cold-hearted killers in the sense that they protect themselves
- Both have gore
- Both MCs need to protect themselves from other members of their species

- Ajin has a slightly happier feel, less gore etc.
- EL has only female MCs which are in this different species, Ajin only has male

Both are dark and gloomy and if you like one you'll probably like the other, except Ajin's style may   read more
report Recommended by haxxel
Both main characters are demi-human, and the shows share similar themes of gore and torture.
report Recommended by Boomalope