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Both take place in the US in the 20's/30's. They are animated similarly, have similar music, and could later be comparable in other ways.
report Recommended by LokiAgdistis
Both of them deals with mafia and share the same setting (America circa 20s-30s).
report Recommended by b0177
Set in the same sort or place at the same sort of time, with a similar art style and similarly large cast. Two very fast paced trigger-happy shows with winding storylines full of intrigue. Baccano is more light hearted and has more of a fantasy element whereas 91 Days is grittier and more rooted in reality.
report Recommended by Lemon
Both of them take place during the Prohibition Era.
report Recommended by Kon-Doriano
These gangster series are both set during the prohibition era and hearken back to classic Hollywood films. They also utilize relatively subdued artstyles.
report Recommended by ThatRazorGuy
It's an obvious reccomendarion, isn't it? Probably you're right, but i want to say: "If you enjoyed Baccano!, but you didn't appreciate the supernatural aspect of it, then you'll love 91Days: same settings, great storylines, characters with deep personality and random italian names. You can't think about something better!" But remember that there is less action in 91Days, in particular the fights are more realistic and less spectacular. What? You don't mind and you want to watch a great anime?? Then go for 91Days!
report Recommended by Franken-sama
Same setting: United States, Prohibition area. While Baccano! has a more unique way to tell a story and fantasy elements, 91 Days manages to be just as entertaining with a more straightforward plot and an actual ending. Also with mafia characters, blood and violence, 91 Days is perfect if you want to fill the void left by Baccano! It did for me, at least.
report Recommended by Anya18
Both have a 1920's setting; with both looking at the themes of the Mafia and the illegal underworld. The use of knife fights within both series also makes both very gripping.
report Recommended by symbiotic
If you like mafia themed anime than this is a good one to get into.
report Recommended by bac0nman
91 Days and Baccano are both set in the American 1920/30s, with similar animation styles. Both revolve heavily around mafia v. mafia and involve both knife and gun fights. The main differences and that Baccano has more of a fantasy element and also can be a bit lighter (because of its comedic characters). Seeming to the contrary, Baccano is also a bit more graphic violence wise. But overall, very similar atmosphere in both shows.
report Recommended by coleynot
Both have similar settings, mafia related stories and set in the US in the same era. Although 91 days don't have supernatural themes.
report Recommended by Sato
both are action types set in a western frame
report Recommended by Niner_Nervous
If you're looking for a really amazing mafia anime then look no further! Both include similar themes whilst being very different in many ways but both can keep you on the edge of your seat with the amazing story and tension.
report Recommended by Manic-sparkles
The time periods of 91 Days and Baccano! are in the prohibition era of America, with a rich historical feel to them. Baccano! and 91 Days have the main characters of the show apart of mafias. However, 91 Days is a bit more serious and dark-toned compared to Baccano!'s friendship mystery. Nonetheless, these animes are both highly enjoyable to watch.
report Recommended by Butterstroke
1) Main plot revolves around mafia 2) Takes place in US in the 20's/30 3) Similar character design 4) The OST has the "mafia era" vibe
report Recommended by BayausS
Very similar aesthetic and setting, although 91 Days is a bit more grounded in reality.
report Recommended by Treima
It is quite similar to Baccano in many ways. I'll keep this short: same type of storytelling, same atmosphere, this anime awakens the same feeling of anticipation as Baccano does, very tense, dark and interesting plot, setting of the story is in Prohibition-era in USA, mafia clans and wars included. It also looks like it will be brutal and it will involve a lot of vengance and character interweaving. 10/10 so far.
report Recommended by HarisTheLegend
Both are extremely violent, dark, take place in the 20s, involve crime mobs. Baccano! has an ensemble cast while 91 Days follows one young man, but they have a similar feel.
report Recommended by singmuse4
Animes with similar contexts, both are embedded in the mafia world.
report Recommended by Ax-Falcon
Similar time period, gangsters, etc.
report Recommended by aegbert
Both series are about Mafia and settled in USA, during a similiar period time. Killings, great skills... Both series are a must watch.
report Recommended by MisaoAino
Baccano! and 91 days are similar in many ways, if we take the general ambiance and the universe of both of them, with the prohibition, the gun figth etc. We are in the same thing. The major differences are the story way much darker in 91 days and there is no supernatural thing in 91 days
report Recommended by Samuel_Guillaume