Mizu no Kotoba, Eve no Jikan Recommendations

Mizu no Kotoba
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Mizu no Kotoba
Eve no Jikan
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Eve no Jikan
Both ONA's have a cyber-punk setting, and both mainly take place in a café...
report Recommended by Chronolizer
Same director, very similar feel. Mizu no Kotoba feels like an early version of Eve no Jikan. Both have short episodes, the setting is very similar, and they both mention Isaac Asimov's three rules for robots.
report Recommended by Tyblazitar
Both are about the relationship of androids and humans inside of an intriguing cafe. Their art is also somewhat similar.
report Recommended by _Me_
At some cafe different people having fun, talking to each other. Plus a bit sci-fi. Eve No Jikan is much better though.
report Recommended by -Hysteria-
when I watched Mizu No Kotoba..that totally remind me Eve No Jikan.. There's alot of similar point between eve no jikan n' mizu no kotoba -both goings-on are take places at a cafe. -the same atmosphere. -the art is similar and diffrent at the same time. -both are ONA's and both are short show. -an amazing environment and backgrounf,character also are bit similar. If you liked eve no jikan, you'll absolutly like mizu no kotoba as a 'shorter show' ;D and sorry for my bad english xD
report Recommended by As3d
Both takes place on a cafe. Has the same atmosphere as well.
report Recommended by mlcdl
This anime's cafe is similer to Eve no Jikan's cafe. And Eve no Jikan's story is far superior than Mizu no Kotaba.
report Recommended by bxyhxyh
The main characters of both show are eager to learn more about the interactions of humans. In the same manner, they acquire their knowledge in a cafe which also gives off the same ambiance. The tone and the mood of one show will remind you of the other.
report Recommended by Eureka
Mizu no Kotoba - in my opinion - is similar to Eve no Jikan because of its cyberpunk setting and the use of androids. They mainly take place in a café and both have a slice of life nature in the two series. These anime don't have long episodes , apart from Eve no Jikan's last episode, so you can watch them all in one go.
report Recommended by Horiizon