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There both pretty much the same thing the main characher is a Vampire/Ghoul who dosen't want to hurt anyway, the only real different is Devil Line more of a romance well Tokyo Ghoul is more of a Psychological type anime.
report Recommended by Jayage
Both series look at what it would mean to have things that look and act exactly like humans but with natural instincts that make them want to kill and eat people. They dive deep into what it feels like for the characters who wish to go against society in order to prove perceptions wrong and how they fight with inner demons and urges in order to remain human.
report Recommended by symbiotic
"I hate what I've become."
report Recommended by Piromysl
It's like Tokyo Ghoul, but the ghouls are vampires.
report Recommended by filipex
These two animes both concentrate on humans and another humanoid species existing together, although not peacefully. They have great action, characters and keep you entertained until the end.
report Recommended by Tyrannicswine117
If you enjoyed any apsect of Tokyo Ghoul, you'll probably like Devils Line. I could connect every character from Devils Line to one from TG, based on similarities. Instead of ghouls there are vampires that blend into society, there is an organization that hunts them and the whole anime feels similar.
report Recommended by FinNote
Legit just like Tokyo Ghoul but with vampires that takes place in Tokyo so basically it's Tokyo Vampire but more of a romance anime ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
report Recommended by _Margie_
Both are very similar but Devils Line is not as fucked up and dark as Tokyo Ghoul, it has much more romance and instead of ghouls there are vampires. Also the animation quality is not as good as Tokyo Ghoul's because of the budget.
report Recommended by ElqBell
both transform into something that they dont want to be, and are close to attacking people because of what they are
report Recommended by Danny222
Both shows have the same concept but it's much better implemented in Tokyo Ghoul so if you somehow enjoy Devils line or just thought the concept was interesting Tokyo Ghoul should appeal to you.
report Recommended by xShinigami3125
These shows are basically humanoid creature posing threats for humanity and being hunted down by an extermination organization (even the names are quite similar). Both feature half-human hybrids (either born or surgically modified) and their struggle to not "be consumed by the monster inside and hurt other people". Well, that being said, Tokyo Ghoul is more psychological and gore, while Devils Line is more interspecies romance and police, with the vampires being kept a state secret, initially.
report Recommended by EvilMayDie64
It's the same style anime, with vampires (or Ghouls) and the 2 characters are half human and half vampire (or Ghoul), [IT'S NO SPOILER THIS IS IN THE 1ST EPISODE], If u are a Tokyo Ghoul fan and you trynna watch other anime like that, there's one, but if u just like Tokyo Ghoul and trynna watch one better, don't watch this, is like the same thing.
report Recommended by ElXasso
well not similar but ya it is a lot like tokyo ghoul, devils line focuses on romance more and you peoples know all about tokyo ghoul. devils line is a good anime worth watching i recommend this anime.
report Recommended by Twilight_rose
They both revolve around a half vampire/ghoul who doesn't want to hurt anyone and are afraid of what they are or have become , one of the differences is that devil line has romance.
report Recommended by Exadon
Similar in ghouls/vampires being the bane of humanity both are hunted both MC's have the "I don't want to eat a human" mindset
report Recommended by sumomaya
It's a similar anime sets in a similar worldbuilding with just a little difference. Devils Line story focuses more on the romance, whereas Tokyo Ghoul focuses more on the psychological aspect.
report Recommended by Daxonzion-