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in both anime the main character wants to protect his dear friend: kaneki wants to protect hide (tokyo ghoul) and mika wants to protect yu (seraph) both anime focus on humans fighting some kind of 'monsters' (ghouls in tokyo ghoul and vampires in no seraph) however, in tokyo ghoul the story focuses more on the ghoul-pov and in seraph the focus lies more on that of humans in both anime one of the main characters appears nice and sweet at first but turns 'dark' later on due some traumatic experience
report Recommended by KuroYume-96
Tokyo ghoul and Owari no seraph both include main chars who used to be a normal human but through certain circumstances gained power, kaneki - Half ghoul -/ Yuu - Demon weapon/ 10% non-human Both strive to protect their friends more than anything
report Recommended by Tenk
I find at last few parts when it is similar to Tokyo Ghoul. A guy hates ghouls becomes one, so a guy hates vampires and becomes one... In both anime there are two male friends (that I ship lol can't be helped) and they go to different teams, one must hunt other and yeah the same happens to both of them. Both guys are super close and few years even pass when they don't meet, but they still have that connection ...I don't say I hated it, it's still different and can be developed differently so it's all cool.
report Recommended by Rijouku
Fighting for the sake of humanity! Love and friendship! Searching for the light in both worlds! In Tokyo Ghoul, their war is against the ghouls. In Owari no Seraph, their war is against the vampires. Kaneki wants to protect the people he care for from both sides -humans and ghouls-. Mika wants to protect the person he care for "Yuu" from both sides -humans and vampires-.
report Recommended by Riimu95
Both have similar themes about the true nature of humanity and in both anime there is another race that is feared and shown throughout the series to be misunderstood. (Ghouls in Tokyo Ghoul, the vampires in Owari no Seraph). Both of these anime left me waiting to see more, and both have a tendency to leave cliffhangers if that was something you liked. The biggest similarity to me is that in both stories a character is transformed into said super-race. (Kaneki in Tokyo Ghoul and Mikaela in Owari No Seraph) Also much like how the humans in Owari no Seraph form contracts with demons to combat   read more
report Recommended by oOXeonOo
I'd 10/10 recommend this anime. It immidiately starts with action. No useless talking or stuff and that is, in my opinion, great. There are a lot of anime's that the action starts at like episode 12/24 and the first half is just useless info. I find that annoying honestly but this anime didn't annoy me for a sec.
report Recommended by HaydenGhoul
Both series are about humans vs. "monster" (ghouls in Tokyo Ghoul, vampires in Owari no Seraph). Both are very violent, bloody and kind of emotional/pshichological. Both have the same number of episodes, 2 Seasons of 12 episodes and will probably have a 3rd Season in the future In both anime the main charachter at the beggining is a normal boy that as a transformation (Kaneki as half-ghoul, Yuu as deamon weapon) In both the humans are the weak ones so they use other things to fight (quinque in Tokyo Ghoul, deamon weapons in Owari no Seraph) Both main charachters find a new "family" and have to safe their best friend   read more
report Recommended by yousandro
Owari no Seraph ,of course,is a must on this list.With the vampire theme,characters whose feelings someone can relate and an intersting plot that closely resembles Attack on titan and Tokyo Ghoul,Owari no Seraph is a definetely an anime that you should watch.What is more,there is also a secod season ,so you have plenty of episodes to watch!!
report Recommended by kawainoodledesu
very similar characterization, and the plot too. I have to say tho, tokyo ghoul was much more intense, but owari no seraph is still really good. If your looking for a follow up anime for tokyo ghoul, owari no seraph is the one for you.
report Recommended by GenericUsername2
The main character of Tokyo Ghoul, Kaneki, is a ghoul during the conflict between humans and ghouls. On the other hand, Yu is a human and the main character of Owari no Seraph, which tells a story of the conflict between vampires and humans. Both anime share a strong emphasis on friendship and teamwork, with subtle hints of romance. Also, Owari no Seraph is also set in Japan.
report Recommended by lee98