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Within both series, we see a smart, streetwise female on a journey who takes a clueless, strong male who lives in solitude out on 'her' adventure across the lands, searching for a number of specific items.
The female leads are pretty sensible in comparrison to the female leads you see often in shounen's today, yet as serious as she is, she isn't immune to humiliation.
The male lead isn't subject to buttmonkey and dispite his intellect being questionable, he does make you wonder at times.
A partnership of brains and brawn - both being nessessary.
Both are have a whole lot of conversation-worthy material.
report Recommended by Queen_Stars
The basic premise of both shows are very similar. A boy/man secluded form society who has not really seen another human besides his grandfather/sister. Also, his teacher died last year some time, who happened to be his grandfather. Anyway, an eccentric girl comes to his whereabouts and asks him to help her on her journey to collect the dragon balls/swords. Adventure ensues.

Shichika is rather similar to Goku in the respect that he doesn't really see the need for more than one outfit, he cannot recognize people so he resorts to touch, smell, and taste, and he is also assumed to be really   read more
report Recommended by Natsu_D_Luffy
Main protagonists are super strong martial artists yet they are completely naive and clueless about the outside world.
report Recommended by NeoRinTinTin