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Very similliar in a lot of ways but here a few Depending on your perception the antagonist may differ. Bunch of bad guy working against the governement. MC having alignments development Gore animation from both dark setting Shorter story for Akudama Drive
report Recommended by H3llBag
Same story, same antagonist, thrilling action. One sets in the past and Akudam Drive sets in a cyberpunk city. Diverse characters + main character tries to be a hero and similar ending. If you enjoyed Akame ga Kill you are surely gonna enjoy Akudama Drive.
report Recommended by TrueArcanum
This anime more like, Akame ga Kill: Cyberpunk Edition. If you like Akame ga Kill, you probably will like this too.
report Recommended by Bokuya
The use of outlaws against a corrupt version of law enforcement is a heavy theme. Even with the main character being drawn into that life. There are more similarities but I can't say without spoiling.
report Recommended by daniellegirl5255
Both of the MC is a normal people but end up getting drag as a villain. Both fought a whole nation and both set in a rebellious timeline where you can't even decide which side is bad and which side is good anymore. and both have similar ending (akudama's ending is better)
report Recommended by Takadashi
Story is about criminals who are really powerful There is a lot of dark scene in these anime The criminals are sometimes in group Main characters aren't mature
report Recommended by Zestiria
Personally I thought Akudama Drive was better, so I think that anyone who watched Akame ga Kill would enjoy Akudama Drive (unless if you were just there for the waifus). Both series are pretty dark and there's a lot of surprises along the way. "Akudamas" in Akudama Drive are a bit similar to the main characters in Akame ga Kill in the sense that they're both groups that are unwanted. I don't want to go too much into detail because I'm afraid I'd end up spoiling things, but I think that anyone that has enjoyed Akame ga Kill would definitely enjoy Akudama Drive!
report Recommended by anshizuu
Both follow the same concept of a normal guy/girl getting involved with things they don't particularly understand and then going with the flow and becoming a key player on the team later on. Both feature great animation and cool fight scenes with a healthy dose of comedy and serious moments.
report Recommended by HonestSensei
These shows both have a band of criminals/outlaws that make a super team to overthrow the current system/government. Very powerful people fighting, sad backstories, and a lot of cool powers. I had a lot of fun watching both, but the endings weren't the most satisfying.
report Recommended by Cocinas
It's sort of the same concept, ordinary person gets caught up in a "bad guys do this" moment and goes with the flow, joining their team, although in Akudama the team got together in the beginning, and didn't have a background. The characters are enjoyable to watch, and have fun interactions with each other. Both anime also have great fightscenes, altough Akudama is Sci-fi instead of swords and magic.
report Recommended by dinanx
(there is a button "read more") This recommendation itself is actually a spoiler. (if you get what I mean) Let me try to not spoil stuff. :: Both MC live their normal lives until they encounter the bad guys. You get to know their so-called abilities/skills and some silly motives. Each character of the bad guys have their own personality, some you like and some you dislike. And hate to say, but both lack character development except for the MC. :: During the episodes you get to see some gore fight scenes and comedy interactions between group members. Of course you get to see how the MC becomes a   read more
report Recommended by yanshenpan
Me telling why they are similar means giving away the biggest spoiler. If you liked Akame ga Kill! You will sure to like Akudama drive. It won't disappoint you and be sure to prepare some tissues.
report Recommended by cenedron
When you watch it, you will notice the similarities. If you liked akame ga kill and enjoyed it's bold decisions you will like akudama drive. The action in akudama drive is top notch.
report Recommended by Tsushiko
Akaduma drive is better than akame ga kill, but they have similar story both are fighting for both ideals against the government akudama's animation is very good it has a cyberpunk setting and like akame ga kill it has a questionable scenes but still its good
report Recommended by A--bomb
Both have their own intensity and ofcoz, the unexpected deaths :((
report Recommended by naim_nakano
This anime is almost similar to akame ga kill cuz the main character is someone who is kind and become a fugitive by coincidence.
report Recommended by JustSomethin
Mc meets criminals and joins them
report Recommended by DARK_DRKN
Both try to create a better world (same plot) No spoilers but if you've seen Akame then you should already know Cool characters with unique abilities/weapons
report Recommended by CurvedDog