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There animes both give off a very similar feel. The main character is a boy living under some kind of oppression and bent ton seeking revenge for the death of his comrades/"family". He starts off extremely powerless and scared, and eventually his drive for revenge gives him power and the perseverance to get stronger. In both animes it starts off a little uncertain. Like, you don't really know what to expect from it and the plot can become good or bad depending on what happens. And then the sudden fighting/bloodshed that catches you by surprise hooks you and suddenly you're excited for a new   read more
report Recommended by lunafly
In both of these anime, the main character undergoes a sudden yet unsettlingly dark tragedy. This tragedy consequentially makes them into a person who highly values and protects the relationships that they form with others. Both main characters find themselves on a team of skilled individuals with their own goals and underlying motivation to fight for their cause. Each main character also possesses a strong will to fight and sense that they hold the power to accomplish a great change in the world. Additionally, both anime depict a weak and lonely character who happens to meet someone that is able to grant them a considerable position   read more
report Recommended by Sumi_Ray
Owari no Seraph and Akame ga Kill! are two shows featuring a colourful (literally, they have quite the hair colours) cast of characters and themes of tragedy and revenge can be found in their stories. There are two sides in each series that fight against each other, and the main character joined the 'good' side with great hatred for the other side (more for Owari no Seraph). Special types of weapons and skills are also involved in their fights.
report Recommended by jyuushi
Both of them are animes concerning happy-go-lucky group of teenagers with superpowers and/or superweapons (and a tragic past) who kill bad people to seek better days. Both of them have wasted potential. One has a bunch of average comedy that's often misplaced while the other has a bunch of fujoshi baits. Still enjoyable though.
report Recommended by BanksyBoom
Both very interesting shounen series. Though their stories are very different, they both are similar in terms of the quality/how action pact they were. Includes many fights, friendships, losses, and keeps you interested for more!
report Recommended by pastelblossoms
Only diffretses are that in Owari no Seraph charaters are fight against vamires in Akame ga kill charaters are fighting with the ruler of the Main City. These two anime are similar because in both have a organizations who are fighting against some large group of people
report Recommended by jeliccc_06
Very similar to Akame Ga Kill, especially as far as “group numbers” for main characters. And some of the action as well. Except this anime’s theme is vampires and military to an extent.
report Recommended by NyeLink