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Amagi Brilliant Park
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Amagi Brilliant Park
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Both animes have similar MCs. I honestly found Amagi Brilliant Park while trying to find more shows with MCs like that of Charlotte. If you liked the MC's personality in this you'll like Charlotte.
report Recommended by newsyringe
the Mc's both have a scarily similar feel to them; honestly it feels like i'm watching the same character but in a different anime.
they also give a very relaxing feel mixed with supernatural elements that make the shows unique and easy to watch and enjoy.
report Recommended by symbiotic
They are both amazing short anime, quite nerve wrecking and might i say both of the Male MC is conceited (But they're both still really hot)

- Includes supernatural and fantasy-like plot
- Both Female MC are very cute. +Very kuudere
- Amazing climax and ending you'd rewatch it like idk a few times
- A very heart-warming story that would touch your heart
report Recommended by Time
Charlotte and Amagi Brilliant Park have the same kind of vibe about it, and both animes have some connection with a form of supernatural power about each other.

MC starts off being dragged into something he'll never get out of, next thing you know he drags himself deeper because of another characters statements.
report Recommended by SabishiYui