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Both have the same basic plot where it involves high schoolers doing a man's job where it puts the grown ups to shame, it also has the same trigger happy female character and a sweet female character. Romance wise both MC doesn't have any romantic direction at all. However, the setting where different cu'z Rail Wars was set in some alternate place where Japan's Railroad system remains public, while in Amaburi it was set in some theme park where fantasy was the main theme. Also, in Rail Wars, the MC has a harem competing for its affection, while the MC in Amaburi   read more
report Recommended by Mugen900
Both have the same MC who somehow got trust into a grown-up's job, where the stakes are high and the pressure is on, both also have the same female character who is trigger happy, except in Amaburi the female character there carries a bigger gun-two to be exact, while in RW the female character there carries a 6 shot revolver.
report Recommended by Baddie007
The same plot where it involves high-schoolers who does the kind of work that should be done by an adult . It also, has the same Male Main Character, who is reluctant to be put in charge of something big, it also has the same gun touting female character who is very aggressive and a bit mean, it also has a female character who is sweet and is nearly identical in their illustrations. The difference were, in Rail Wars, the theme of the anime was about trains, while in Amagi Brilliant Park's theme focuses on the magic of theme parks.   read more
report Recommended by RazorRamona200
What do they have in common?

1. The same characters where they were portrayed as high schoolers who were force to grow up fast.

2. The same instances where the said characters found themselves managing a big task.

3. In one point, both animes have the same female character whom were aggressive and trigger happy.

Their differences:

In Rail Wars, the plot was a bit of bonkers, while Amaburi has a straight plot where one can follow.

report Recommended by Tres_Bandidas