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- Both are shoujo high school romcoms. - Both have female characters who falls for the egoistical MC and have to work hard to prove their love for them, and to earn it back. - Both male characters have a twisted personality but that's because of their twisted past. - Both female characters befriend girls who aren't actually their friends. It's just a convenient give-and-take type of relationship. - The female characters realize their bad habits and work hard to change themselves. While Ao Haru Ride is more of a SOL, Ookami Shoujo leans to a comedic side. Still, both of these are entertaining shows. Considering the similarities, fan   read more
report Recommended by TragicRomance
+ Both Shoujo's based off a manga. + Both have a freshmen in high school setting. + Both have brown-haired female MC with social issues. + Both have problems with making friends. + Both have a "cool" "handsome" male love interest that messes with MC. + Both are trying to appeal to the male love interest and understand them.
report Recommended by HalAnime
Anime dealing with friendship and romance. Main female from both anime pretends to be someone they are not. They make friends with the wrong people. The main love interest shows her the truth. The main guy in one series is calm, cool, and straight forward. The other is a sadist. The relationship in both anime start off rocky but as they get to know one another, fall madly in love with each other.
report Recommended by AnimeFan500
•both are the typical shoujo highschool romantic anime that appear in every anime season, which includes all of the following drama that comes along with it, so expect the expected, but theres always a few new scenarios which make it still fresh and anew •both main protagonists are of your somewhat typical girl who just wants to fit into a group of friends who they can relate to, boost there self esteem, undermine her so she doesnt stand out, be a part of something, belonging to a group, such is the harsh life of the female life in highschool •both romantic situations are completely different but they   read more
report Recommended by Lupta
Romance, comedy, school life. The same style of graphics.
report Recommended by TenderRain91
Similar story with similar male leads, really lovely female leads (though I like Erika just a bit more), great art and wonderful soundtracks (Ookami shoujo just has a nice piano theme and ambiance but Ao Haru Ride's entire soundtrack is utterly magical). Ao Haru Ride is basically Ookami Shoujo but with a less Sado-masochistic couple and nicer soundtrack. Personally I prefer Ookami Shoujo though, but both are nice. Also, Ookami Shoujo has better ending.
report Recommended by IAmSovereign
Blue Spring Ride is a fantastic shoujo series done well, even with the commonly seen tropes. It deals with how misunderstandings and being dishonest can heavily effect relationships you have with your friends and love ones. The main female lead at the start takes on a persona that is not true to herself and it causes her problems along the journey but from the help of her true friends and the person she loves, she is able to come to terms with being her true self and to express her true feelings. This goes for the same for the main female lead in Wolf Girl   read more
report Recommended by papsoshea
[x] Similar art style [x] Male lead that isn't intuned with his emotions [x] happy go lucky female lead [x] both female leads have trouble sorting out their real friends [x] Shoujo audience Ao Haru Ride is a bit more slow placed than Wolf girl and Black Prince, Ao Haru Ride focuses more on friendship building than romance for the most part. Wolf girl and Black Prince is also well laced with comedy so it gives it an added spice from the typical Shoujo anime.
report Recommended by SoulEaterQUEEN
Female MC falls for male MC Both male MCs seem uninterested but caring
report Recommended by mylesperhour
Similar unique story and graphic.You'll love both
report Recommended by Haroun_SMIDA
These are both Shoujo anime that feature a distant and crass male lead with a tragic familial backstory and an extremely energetic, persistent, and stubborn female lead that will stop at nothing to win the heart of their loved one. Ookami Shoujo is more comedy focused, and the male protagonist is particularly cruel towards the female protagonist but warms up as the series progresses. Ao Haru Ride focuses more on friendship and rebuilding what has been lost to time, in terms of emotions and relationships, and not so much romance. If you're a fan of one, you will almost definitely like the other.
report Recommended by Fire
They are both shoujo's with very colorful characters in them along with them being in a high school setting. Also both main character's are trying to impress the people they consider friends at the beginning by lying about themselves, only to develop more as a person as the story continues.
report Recommended by LuhanIsBae2
Both are about girls fighting for the attention/approval of a guy that they think has no interest in them. Both animes follow the story as they realize their feelings for one another.
report Recommended by Saphirical
If you liked either of these you are going to like the other. It's a really nice story about romance that will keep you wanting to see more on how the relationship progresses i really recommend this to everyone.
report Recommended by nisekoichitoge
Have a romantic story that is almost similar .. highly recommended anime loversuntil Shoujo anime .. anime also has a similar graph and character is also almost identical ..
report Recommended by Rizkiawan-kun
Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji is one of your typical shoujo anime just like Ao Haru Ride. They have different stories, but the both are the lovely buildup of the main couples and seeing their love grow stronger by passing obstacles together.
report Recommended by Oh_My_Otaku
Similarities between Ao Haru Ride and Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji: ★ Character Appearances: Both animes have very handsome male characters, and very cute female protagonists. ★ Character Lives: Both female protagonists have troubles communicating and socializing with other people, adding that they started off as being terrible at making friends. Both male leads also have a very tragic backstory, with their parents being divorced . ★ Character Personalities: Both female leads are very clumsy and 'blushy' when they are around the main male characters. Both male protagonists resists to reveal their true feelings. ★ Genre: Both animes consists of school lives, and are very   read more
report Recommended by AnastasiyaV