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Both are brilliant slice of life high school romcom dramas. It's mainly consisting of comedy (well done comedy) but every so often turn serious and dramatic - pulling heart strings. These can be from issues concerning love or family etc. Both are great watches if you are into romcom high school dramas.
report Recommended by sugarplumfairy
The character development and the drama are pretty similar quality in these two shows. When I watch one, I think of watching the other. Both are excellent series but not for the weak of heart.
report Recommended by XSmoky
The storyline is kind of the same.. one guy, a best friend and a lot of girls, they all like him. The story starts as a normal high school life with a little slice of komedie but after a few episodes it turnes out to be a drama. The only thing that is'nt similiar is the fact that they used a little bit of magic in Clannad and in Toradora! the only piece of magic i found is the magic between the two main characters. ^^
report Recommended by Kobatoo
Both guys surrounded by some girls but one girl is the main one. And it's not like those other harems where all the girls are not proportioned correctly.. Everyone has nice characters. Also has it's sad moments in Toradora but Cllannad is obviously more sad.
report Recommended by foamie
This is a story about a girl in high school who has happy times, sad times, romance, and even manages to make lots of friends. Which anime am I talking about? Prepare for an amazing slice of life trip.
report Recommended by The_Destroyer
Both anime are fantastic romance drams set in a similar environment. In both stories, the protagonists try to help the other lead's wishes come true.
report Recommended by Riftguardian
they both have similar story lines in terms of boy meets girl and both show a relationship develop over time. ha there could quite literally be an after story of Toradora, that is if they ever decided to make one.
report Recommended by EUREKAvSEVEN
I can't stress how much I loved both these series. Evoking a diversity of emotions (among them, laughs, hearty smiles, tears, and "aww moments" from cuteness), these unforgettable romantic comedies are the archetypes of their genre. If you enjoyed one, you will most definitely enjoy the other (although I was initially hesitant to try Clannad since it is more "drama heavy", Toradora had its tear jerker moments as well). Enjoy! Riotnoob.
report Recommended by riots
>Both are good school anime. >The main male character is considered by the others a villan, but they actually arent. >Toradora! have an art style really weird, you could both love or hate it (I personally loved it, even if in the first two episodes I was displaced, but when I get used to it I appreciated). In the other hand Clannad's art is awesome. >They both have funny and painful moments where you will find your tears dropping suddenly. >The only thing that I didn't "liked" of Toradora! is that you can say how it will end till the very beginning, wich you really can't get in Clannad   read more
report Recommended by xNihalx
Both of these shows feature a main guy character who is unhappy with his lot in life and misjudged by the world aroud him who decides to take care of a girl who seems to be his polar opposite. Although Taiga and Nagisa are very different characters, they both welcome the assistance of their male counterparts and become stronger because of their friendship with him. They are both slice of life style animes that show friends dealing with the problems of everyday life, and just enjoying high school. Both shows are incredible and should be watched by everyone.
report Recommended by Sabeeh
Both have an intresting story, nice atmosphere and really likable characters. Although have completely different plot still both can make you smile and cheer for the characters to be together. Also both really heartwarming and have some good drama
report Recommended by 4iwby
Both value development of characters and interactions between characters. Toradora is more centered around romance than Clannad. Both are very cute and had cry moments.
report Recommended by Raicheul
Both are entry level romance shows that are widely liked. They share similar settings. They both focus on the issues of school life and school life relationships. Basically if you like one, you'll most likely like the other.
report Recommended by LordAura
Both of these shows posses a strong romance element and are done in a great way. If you have just finished clannad and want to see something just as special than toradora is the show for you(vise versa).
report Recommended by AnimatedGuru
Clannad similar with Torodora's main character's efforts to help some girls in his class. Almost same can be seen in Clannad too. Tomoya's relation with the girls around him based on girls' some requirements
report Recommended by psikopatherif
Both shows involve a great deal of romance. It is a developing romance that takes a couple episodes to get a "hint". Clannad and Toradora are both about High School students. If you like romance, comedy, and a good love story overall, then Toradora and Clannad is right for you. (Clannad has an afterstory series) Best of luck!
report Recommended by TheLastFairyTail
- Both are excellent romantic comedies that start of with a strong comedic element before focusing on the romance/drama. - Both have extremely funny and sad moments, so if you liked one you're sure to like the other. - Both animes are excellent love stories that devlop the main characters throughly, devling into their family life, school life, and love life; showing them how much they need each other without them knowing it. - Both animes offer a good amount of comedy as well and a great group of characters for the supporting cast. Clannad is definitely a little more serious than Toradora!
report Recommended by AreyKyoya
These two anime are both set in a school where the main character meets a girl and ends up helping her with a problem she has. If you enjoy watching slice of life series that have some romance and drama in them, you might enjoy them both.
report Recommended by Sande
It shares the same lovable characters, humor, and heartwarming/breaking moments and helps fill that post-Clannad void we all go through.
report Recommended by ForeverDusk
Both shows deal with romance(obviously), but approach them with care, passion, and with considerable detail. Both deal with family issues, between Taiga and her dad never being around, and Okazaki and his once abusive father turned drunkard, though these issues are NOT the same, both leave these two different characters bitter and resentful because of that. Both shows have lives changed for the better, they explore the lives of people they've introduced to the audience, and get you invested and also get you to feel like you're part of the group. Clannad is by far my favorite anime of all time, and nothing has really come close to   read more
report Recommended by Jei-kun
Both Toradora and Clannad are romance series with a school setting. Both series also tackle the issue of family problems, with Tomoya and his father in Clannad, and Taiga and her family in Toradora. They both feature a heart-wrenching tale of love and loss (though Clannad targets this more in After Story). Both series also sends the message of enjoying the years that you have in high school, as this short amount of time can create many memories that can last forever.
report Recommended by tenshibeat
Clannad and Toradora both take place in a high school setting and involve a very colourful cast of characters, making either of them very likable if you are in to a setting that has a nice mix of Slice of Life, Comedy and Drama. The plot for both is similar, and both are executed perfectly, with both being driven in basically the same direction for most of the time. Both have hardships with family and friends, very complicated romance, and little to no fanservice, making the viewing experience a lot more driven on story and plot than anything. Personally, I absolutely LOVE both of these   read more
report Recommended by East
.....I just had the exact same feeling except they start out differently in a way. Also my heart was broken after watching both of these
report Recommended by SabishiYui
Clannad and Toradora both are very good romance anime. I enjoyed both of them a lot. clanna and Toradora both teaches you how love is extremely complicated. Sometimes, too complicated.
report Recommended by l_Teto_l
Both are romantic, and also sad. Also similar in episode count (24 and 25)
report Recommended by talkingdogben
After looking for a while for an anime similar to Toradora! I came across Clannad multiple times. After watching it, I can now positively say that they are very similar at being amazing romantic comedy animes that will toy with your emotions. So if you liked one of them I can guarantee that you will like the other.
report Recommended by Reapercodbo3
Misinterpreted coming together. Toradora and Clannad follow MCs who are somewhat unconventional joining together in what is the most dramatic experience anime offers. With Clannad following a misplaced Nagisa and delinquent Tomoya, Toradora follows misunderstood Ryuuji and aggressive Taiga. Both anime's MCs then go down helping out one another for their personal interests, forming a relationship on the way. Both are great rom-com drama focusing on one's true feelings on others.
report Recommended by NextUniverse
Both animes are love-based. Both animes are set in school. Both animes main characters have shit dads.
report Recommended by lukoman
Like Clannad, Toradora has many dramatic and emotional scenes that'll make a viewer teary-eyed since both highlight familial relationships and love to a great extent. Both series are nicely animated and contain a remarkable soundtrack. If one enjoyed Clannad, then Toradora is worth watching.
report Recommended by twexoh
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