Clannad, Kokoro Connect Recommendations

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Kokoro Connect
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Kokoro Connect
Starts off as your typical comedy/romance school anime through the first few episodes and takes a turn in the opposite direction with more deep, serious, and sometimes dramatic tones.
report Recommended by Jmac
School, drama, comedy, romance.
The setup is similar with a main male character, a less important male character, and multiple girls.

Both are highly character-driven, although Clannad has more plot and Kokoro Connect is more slice-of-life. Clannad is also more innocent while Kokoro Connect is more... interesting.
report Recommended by ataraxial
Both focus mostly on the bond between friends, although Clannad goes deeper into family bonds as well.
Both show the changing and development of people and the importance of encouragement from others.
Both also have cute romance mixed in as well, but it isn't the center of the story
report Recommended by Raicheul
Both animes have a similar feel to one another, with plenty of feels and backstory to go around. Also, when finishing Clannad, and going onto Koroko Connect, I screamed a lot of Clannad characters, since a lot of the English voice actors take roles in both shows (ex: Sunohara, Ryou, Tomoya, etc.,). You can get easily attached to both of these series, though Clannad is more of a Drama-Supernatural, while Kokoro is a Comedy-Supernatural.
report Recommended by Marshmewwows