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Besides the obvious sport difference, both have perceptively weak but strongly skilled main characters (Kuroko and Mihashi), both have female managers(Aida & Momoe), teammates that aspire to be the best in Japan, and a lot of comedic moments!
report Recommended by IchiroEX
Kuroko's Basketball and Big Windup are similar, not because of the sports they each portray but that each series has a pair of boys that team work is revolved around. In Kuroko's Basketball, the pair is Kuroko and Kagami and in Big Windup (baseball) it is Abe (Catcher) and Mihashi (Pitcher). Both Mihashi and Kuroko have similar personalities where they are not very confident in their skills at first but their dominant partners(kagami/abe) bring out their qualities for the good of the team and sports in general. If you like one, im positive you'd like the other as they are both brilliant! XD
report Recommended by KatieMH
After falling out with his middle school team, the protagonist enters high school hoping for a fresh start. Physically weak, and not all that valuable as a player individually, he's gifted when it comes to the technical aspects of the sport, and functions best when conspiring with another player to bring out the best in each other.
report Recommended by acajou
They both have a protagonist who seems weak, but in fact has an exceptional abilities. Both of these anime focus on the strategy to win by analyzing opponents and finding their weak points. Also in both cases there is a team that is considered weak and often underestimated, but they manage to overcome many of the obstacles thanks to strategy and hard work. The relationship between the two main characters is also similar - one of them helps the other one to become the best, but they soon realize that they need to be independent in order to overcome their limitations. Both Kuroko no Basket   read more
report Recommended by fuyuki
both are sports anime and both of their main characters seem average but in reality have a special trick that make them vital parts of their sports team. They also have a certain feel to them when they win or lose. they didnt portray most of the teams as evil or anything, just another team trying their best.
report Recommended by purdystar
Both series is about sports (one is baseball the other is basketball) Both series involves 2 main characters. Both series have one main character help the other become better The series main protagonist comes from another school sports team that ended on a bad note.
report Recommended by Taz0216