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KimiKiss Pure Rouge
Similar art with both dealing with the relationship of more than one person. While in True Tears it is mostly focused on one male main character and his relationships and putting the other a bit in the background, are in kimikiss two male leads.
report Recommended by Mathes
Both shows are Slice of Life, Romantic, Comedies revolving around the relationships between various characters. They also have adopted a similar art style with, water colour backgrounds, superb character designs and bits of CG. ^_^
report Recommended by Master10K
In both anime, due to circumstances, a girl moves into the home of a childhood friend of the opposite gender. Romance develops and problems arise for the pair in both anime.
report Recommended by gdavge2003
In both series, there are multiple romances that are focused on, although one relationship is the base. The route that the main relationship takes affects the other relationships in some way. Both use the same or similar techniques to keep the viewers interested. And last but not least, they are both executed well.
report Recommended by otaku228
Kimikiss and True Tears are both visual novel adaptations that feel more like they're based off of a shoujo manga rather than a male-targeted eroge. Neither of them are too heavy on the harem themes (particularly Kimikiss), and they both feature intense yet logical plots that leave you at the edge of your seat waiting for the next episode. Fast paced, dramatic, and realistic; both shows are must-watches for those who want a good romance but are sick of shoujo cliches.
report Recommended by _eternal
Similar charadesign, OST and plot. Kimikiss is, for me, even better. Both are good romance animes which are not full of "happiness" for everyone and tend to be realistic.
report Recommended by benjee
Similar feelings when you are watching them. When I watched True Tears, I felt that every girl was absolutely splendid, and I felt a quite sad because, of course, only one of them would be able to get the boy who she loved. With Kimikiss I have felt exactly the same. In both animes,you feel a quite sad about one of the girls because at the end you was in love with both of them!; but at the same time, you feel a injection of courage because that girl continues her life with cheerfulness. They are a real teaching about how to behave when you   read more
report Recommended by naceale
Both are more drama-focused romance animes
report Recommended by Romee9