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Over Drive is, of course the most similar anime to Yowamushi Pedal. To the point that one could argue that it's a copy. Don't be tricked though, Over Drive exists since 2005 as a manga, while Yowapeda began in 2008. It's very easy to see that some inspirations came from Over Drive. Both are about cycling, both are about a young uncool boy self-realizing and becoming confident through road races. Many other second characters appear to share the same characterization.
report Recommended by Dax
Over Drive and Yowamushi Pedal both involve the sport of cycling as a competitive game among its characters. The main male protagonists from both series are involved with club members that also share their passion in cycling. However, they were initially introduced more as outcasts at school. There is plenty of comedy in both series ranging from its dialogues, character interactions, and even the competitions themselves. As for cycling, both series bring out its intensity as the main male protagonists face off against rivals and challenges.
report Recommended by Stark700
The protagonists have some similarities both not having a good goal in life. Imaizumi have many similarities with Kurosuke. The two club captains have some similarities too. There is a girl that both protagonists like. This two series are bicycle/emotional/sports anime that leave an impact on you.
report Recommended by WinDCu2ter
Yup, Over Drive is also about riding a bicycle and having rivals. Races um well also similar, main characters comes out with potential, cycling clubs in highschool, there is also one main female character in both series (romanceeee yey) . Yep, quite similar except for the art style. (I love the art~) You should try this if you love either one <,< Like meh ;3
report Recommended by phoebe5a
Both are about cycling and the will to win and improve. Yowamushi Pedal has a longer story with more characters and focuses more on teamwork but Over Drive is a little shorter and focuses mostly on one individual with a few supporting characters.
report Recommended by HappyHarryHardOn
Both of them are about cycling. But Yowapeda is better than Over Drive in my opinion. And both of them are "must watch" anime for a cycling fan.
report Recommended by rezoD