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Both Seto no Hanayome and Nisekoi involve the main character having affiliation with the Yakuza and being forced into a relationship. There are other potential lovers which are thrown into the mix and over time the main character discovers romantic merits about them. They are both great comedies with the main character displaying desirable qualities such as loyalty and chivalry. If you're looking for another romantic comedy with the same vibe, I'd definitely recommend checking this out!
report Recommended by Nymphetamine2791
in both animes, both are forced to be couples, both have someone that doesnt agree to this relationship, and both have harem. It's like they made a new version.
report Recommended by Human-kun
They are very similar in a lot of aspects. A high-school pair engaged against their will that develops feeling to each other as the time goes and with constant additions (transfers) of new girls who fall in love with protagonist. And a child-hood friend with ties in the police... And a monkey friend. And Yakuza with Mafia. I would go as far as calling it a clone. Seto is more oriented on comedy, while Nisekoi's center is romance, but in an essence - they are the one and the same.
report Recommended by Kanaev
Main character is forced to date/marry a Yakuza boss's daughter to make peace. Both are school rom-com Harem between the main character, a childhood friend, a police chief's daughter, a Yakuza boss's daughter, "transfer student" etc...
report Recommended by BeautifulDuwang
Nisekoi and Seto no Hanayome [My Bride is a Mermaid] are pretty similar: forcing their main male protagonists to date/marry a girl whom they just recently met, being involved in the mafia/yakuza, and having your stereotypical harem. Both animes are very entertaining and hilarious. Whichever one you watch, I recommend that you watch the other.
report Recommended by hanameii
Because basically the same things happen in both animes.
report Recommended by aohawk