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Ranma ½
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Ranma ½
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Both Ranma and this Kampfer guy have the same problem-when they turn into a girl, thay don't stare at themselvees in the mirror naked,and don't musturbate on themselves.
Though they don't do it with different reasons-Ranma is a man of honour,when Kampfer guy is a pussy even in male form.
so same problems,same jokes,if u liked one u may like another.
report Recommended by Katzen
A boy is turned to a girl and otherwise.
report Recommended by mishka-cun
Both are about boys that sometimes turn into girls, both are very funny as well. If you like a good long story with something diffrent I think you schould cheek out Kämpfer and Ranma 1/2. Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender will love this as much as straight people but I can see how an LGBT person would like this one alot!
report Recommended by AlcheShino
These two shows are 50% similar to each other I guess because they both go their separate paths throughout their storylines.
1. They are both gender bender shows
2. They both have plenty of nude scenes
3. They both contain fighting scenes (for all of you action lovers)
4.They both have catchy credits
report Recommended by P-Chan3639