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This is very similar animes,even same devloper,Inuyasha and Kikyo voice actors,here as Ranma and Akane,both have action-romance and comedy, even same personality ^_^
report Recommended by -SeRg-
Same mangaka, similar graphics, same seiyuus. Wanna hear Yamaguchi Kappei again? Then you should watch this.
report Recommended by Zurelily
it's just like inuyasha but more like the love side. it doesn't really have any blood. and ranma 1/2 is just a little more silly =P
report Recommended by narutosangel
A lot of people already said it but I guess it is a good reason to watch Inuyasha then:) I love both series very much,and that is because I'm a big fan of Takahashi Rumiko, the creator of both, Ranma 1/2 and Inuyaha. The story isn't really similar, but the art and the characters sure are! Inuyasha is more dramatic and serious , while Ranma has a quite stupid and illogical story, it is amazingly funny though! If you like the funny moments in Inuyasha you should know that if you watch Ranma 1/2, you'll laugh at least every 5 minutes. Also, if you were craving   read more
report Recommended by Ranko-chan
Both anime are by the same person, great comedy and mostly liked by people who watched it as a child or watched when they just starting to like anime, both has prideful and powerful protaginist and with a girl that they must work together
report Recommended by ultimoo
The characters, story and art are very similar. What else do you expect if it's made by the same creators? Though the genre is not exactly the same thing. They added action (Not matrial arts, but fighting most of the time monsters) and adventure to InuYasha, so Ranma 1/2 has more comedy. Ranma 1/2 is also older, they made InuYasha after Ranma 1/2. So the art looks very similar, but InuYasha's art is better. There are some characters with almost excatly the same personality.. Akane Tendo - Kagome Higurashi Ranma Saotome - InuYasha Ryoga Hibiki - Koga Cologne - Kaede and probably more.. InuYasha and Kagome's relationship is almost the same   read more
report Recommended by Dymonia
The characters are very similar and both series since they are written by the same author. Each series is on the lengthy side and although there is more story in InuYasha it still follows a similar comedic and romantic pattern with Ranma 1/2
report Recommended by Swiftstrike
the desing of the characters is very similar, the personality of inuyasha and ranma and its the same and aome and akane
report Recommended by Manguita
The main couple hide their feelings for eachother andit has good action.
report Recommended by Xxalex09
ti both by the same company or person you all know what i mean but its really good it love and you cry i love it so i hope you all watch if you didnt all ready thank you for reading
report Recommended by roseanime101
Ranma and InuYasha both involve fighting and love. Also, both of these shows were created by the same lady: Rumiko Takahashi.
report Recommended by myracleangel
same studio similar artwork both have 1/2 boy character with a female character.
report Recommended by styens
Same Mangaka, same humor. Dramas, funny, Shonen
report Recommended by JuaniMel_B1