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They're both about friendship. There are also people with special abilities (Power Users in TLoU and those who ate the Devil's Fruit in OP). These animes are both shounen and main character is a little (maybe more than little) stupid. Later in both animes the main characters form a 5-man team. They are also similar in some ways: Ueki -> Luffy (stupid, brave, friendly) ; Sano -> Zoro (strong, manly) ; Hideyoshi -> Usopp (liars, weak in combat) ; Mori -> Nami (not very strong in combat girls) ; Chopper -> Tenko.
report Recommended by Gadamf
Ueki, Kousuke is the same as Monkey D., Luffy almost in all ways :D he loves food and they both act dumb and they makes jokes if they are fighting and d.luffy fights with long things and ueki fight with long trees and they protect their friends and they talk the same and face expression is the same and his eyes and they believe people fast both animes they obtain power
report Recommended by Sandeep18
Same style of animation, same crazy powers (rubber-man / turns trash into trees xD...) and of course the same "i will save my fwiends (nakama) even if i have to die"
report Recommended by P0llUT3R
both have will power. both will try to win the enemy though he is weak. both anime will gain power as their battle goes on
report Recommended by galaxyspyer
both main characters have almost, if not the the same personality. There are a couple a similarities between luffy and ueki. nakama power theme and never-dying-will concepts. one major difference though is the setting itself. nonetheless, they have the same thematic aura and nature.
report Recommended by Saber_Princess
Ueki and Luffy are so similar with their friendship, morals, and whatnot that whenever I watch Law of Ueki it reminds me of One Piece and vice-versa. Also, they have a concept with the superpowers and they vary between each character..One Piece has the Devil Fruit users and Law of Ueki has Power Users.
report Recommended by Axel97
These two anime have very similar character designs. Both main characters respect friendship bonds, always want to eat, have a power due to some reason, and want to be something (great pirate in One Piece, God in Ueki).
report Recommended by _Mezzo
- Main protagonist is very simple minded and do what they want - They have strange powers that would't really relate to battle - They both look up to someone who helped them in the past - Lots of little bits of comedy with tons of battles
report Recommended by RobRocke
the early stages of ueki no housoku are similar to the early stages of one piece. it instantly hooks you in with plenty of great fights and original techniques to defeat opponents to become number 1. both protagonists have a great heart and know whats right they wont give up and dont fear death
report Recommended by Sparkzcool
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