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Both of these series can be very serious and very funny at times. They give off similar vibes about never giving up and how important friendship is.
report Recommended by Chicken008
The same kind of quirky humour for both, the same kind of brilliantly simple yet very well done animation. Both have unique characters, which combine to make a cleverly-thought-out storyline which is told in a similar fashion. Both great watches
report Recommended by sugarplumfairy
They both have some what unique and abstract fight scenes. Although one piece character design improves overtime so if you start watching one piece I would say watch one of the latest episodes first so you know what to look forward to XD
report Recommended by dragafire
Comedy comes first for those who enjoy their laughs before anything else like me. Similar style of presentation with a lot of similarities. Soul eater looks like a simple comedy at first but like one piece drama and action can get pretty intense at times.
report Recommended by Alderban
The comedy is very similar. And both anime have intense fight scenes, great music, brilliant humour and sad moments...just in the right places. I for one love both :D
report Recommended by FireFistBilly
Both anime have a really really great story, and unique characters.. Special fight scenes in both anime, and always a 'funny' side. Awesome char design (even if the style is different) for both series. One Piece and Soul Eater have both the friendship priority for their story. Those 2 anime are the best i ever found :3
report Recommended by EtnaEraclea
Both are fighting shounens with a lot of comedy, much surrealism, non-sense powers and crazy attacks, like gomu gomu rocket, death cannon, etc.
report Recommended by bereta002
I recommend One Piece as I would recommend the Dragon Ball Series. That is I would say it is a great beginner's anime. It has funny stuff all the way through its long number of episodes. It then begins to evolve somewhere in the 100's episodes and becomes fantastic with even better story lines and great battles. The emotion starts pouring out and I love it. I say Soul Eater is the crisper more serious version with a funny edge and One piece is the more funny with action edge. Both are great.
report Recommended by divy13
Both are really funny and the main character, Evans Soul Eater and Monkey D. Luffy are kinda strong and idiotic .......... but in my opinion, I wouldn't say Evans is as strong as Luffy. o well ... anyway .... these are both great adventure/comedy animes.
report Recommended by gmgkng
both are FUNNY and full of action scenes both have the whole friendship, stick together, never give up kinda thing they are both funny but can have their serious moments too
report Recommended by jeans
Both are seth in fantasy worlds and present unique power/magic system. The art styles are very unusual and somewhat cartoonish but with great action and animation. The characters in both series seems to enjoy being in their groups and display remarcable friendships and relationships between one another. Plot with much comedic aspects but also has very dark sides to it.
report Recommended by kingyugendeath
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