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Shonen anime....both about the main character wanting to protect their friends/nakama. In order to do that they strive to become stronger and learn from others.
report Recommended by username-here
Action --- if it is what you are looking for than look no other than ONE PIECE.... This anime series is not only similar to Bleach but in fact I think even more than you wanted... The Comedy, Drama, Action, Adventure, Surprise, Stupidy, Excitement, Tearful, and sooo oooo oooo much more to your expectation..... As Bleach goes to the other world where spirits lies, One piece sails to many Unique and unbelievable islands that's full of surprise ..... Go for One piece, It is A hell of an adventure...
report Recommended by missmmg
Similar type of humour and action, good-only-for-fight-but-a-very-good-guy main char.
report Recommended by Seviexe
Both shows are about fighting, and the desire/need to become the strongest. The fight scenes are well done, and a bit drawn out in both shows. However, if the length of a fight in either show doesn't bother you, then you will like the other. There is also a fair amount of humor to both shows. The main characters in both shows are funny and likable. Also, in both shows there is great comedy relief chacters (kon and usopp). A thing to note is that one piece starts very slowly, but if you give it time it will get you hooked. Also, even though it   read more
report Recommended by blackbird2150
Like One Piece Bleach contains lots and lots of awesome action. Most of the time it's like.. nonstop action. Humor is a part of the anime too, just like in One Piece. Both of them are ongoing series, and the animation of Bleach just kicks ass (at the current episodes, 200 and 450+). The story's done great and the characters are amazing, the development of the story and characters are done great too.
report Recommended by Ilyaoh
One Piece and Bleach are both shounen anime's, have a lot of episodes (and are still airing). They both contain adventure, action and comedy. One piece is less serious, has more comedy and therefore bleach is the more serious type of those two. Bleach plays somewhere around the presence while One Piece is completely mixed. I'd say it's a few years back but they already got bazooka's for example. Also here again, less serious. Both the main characters have a special power. Ichigo (Bleach) is a Shinigami and Luffy (One Piece) is a Rubber Man.
report Recommended by Ryuuketsu
Both of these anime we're talking about fighting and both are like adventures. They sure like together. Both of the protagonist looks funny, but when they fight, they are actually strong, I suggest this one, both of this anime we're popular, so good.
report Recommended by Invel
Both best mainstream anime
report Recommended by Romcom-Lover
Both series are long running (lots of episodes) series that center around action and fighting. The main characters are very good and the stories are very profound. The powers of the characters are amazing and will make you want the next episode just to see what epic battles will come next.
report Recommended by Darkbow
One thing that really popped out of One Piece was hugely intense and epic fights with sad background. What anime would have fights like One Piece? Bleach has it. Bleach also has similarities in supernatural powers and sense of humour. The one who loves One Piece loves Bleach as well as other Shounen animes although One Piece is best and Bleach second.
report Recommended by YuutoSJ
If you're a big fan of Zoro because of his sword fighting skills, you might actually want to watch Bleach. This is mainly because both shows have a grumpy character that carries around a unique sword, or swords, and holds mass amounts of power. Ichigo Kurosaki finds himself being a substitute reaper for Rukia Kuchiki; an injured reaper who cannot continue her duties. Ichigo is not your average hero, but we find him saving the day—even if it is a little begrudgingly.
report Recommended by NyeLink
It has a mc who wants to protect his friends and goes through trial and error to get stronger and defeats opponents with his own power.
report Recommended by dooooddle
It’s time to ditch the text file.
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