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Rinne ( Shinigami) and Yato ( God) are both poor. Rinne goes to school but Yato doesn't'. They do request from people or help lost souls. In return they ask for money or some other offering for their work. Every little counts for them. The main female helps them with their daily routine and soon has a better understanding.
report Recommended by AnimeFan500
The story has relation to the spirit world and japanese folklore. A poor guy needs some money to survive in the "spirit world", he works with spirits and meets a girl with special spirit-powers and they became a mates to solve some problems and battles. Kyoukai no Rinne is so much jocular than noragami, and you can find more powerful battles, and a serious background in noragami.
report Recommended by KPBouvier
Both are stories involving schoolgirls who become wrapped up in the day-to-day lives of a deities that require small monetary offerings and go on adventures dealing with wayward souls still attached to the worldly plain.
report Recommended by gedata
You take a protagonist, should be a god or shinigami and a girl who's able to see ghost's and other supernatural creatures. Then you make the protagonists poor as fuck and you've got a funny show to watch
report Recommended by NaminesGER
These two animes are extremely similar. 1) both include a male protagonist which collects offereings to deal with spirits 2) the main female lead is the only human that can see these spirits 3) They both have a cute lil' companion Both of these animes really hooked me after 1 episode. The soft humour mixed in with action and supernatural really goes well with one another. I highly recommend you watch both. Norigami has a second season coming out in September so that says already that it's a good enough anime to get a second series. Watch them both and I'm sure you will love them.
report Recommended by Baby_Vampira
They both have the same setting, plot and character role, except, Noragami is only 12 episodes long while, while KnR is 25, however in the character role category, the MC in KnR was more of a serious type than in Noragami, also, Noragami has that ecchi element, while KnR doesn't. When it comes to the plot setting the main antagonist involves powerful spirits, while in KnR the main antagonists were demons.
report Recommended by La_Matona301
both the main characters are poor and are also in need of money. they both need offerings and grant people wishes. they also have female leads to help them and sometimes give them money
report Recommended by Diorooke
In both.. -The gods are poor -The themes are supernatural -Lost souls are helped -The gods help people for cheap amounts of money
report Recommended by HousekiGirl
The spirit realm is present in both anime and both main characters have supernatural powers. The main heroine accompanying the MC also have the unique ability to see spirits.
report Recommended by Eureka
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