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An episodic storytelling format, beautiful flowing animation by Bones, quirky background music and wonderfully-written characters are what make these two shows come alive. Both are short, 12-episode journeys through the everyday lives of the characters as they live and work alongside otherworldly creatures. Though generally lighthearted, both Kekkai Sensen and Space Dandy have enough emotional mini-arcs to pull at your heart.
report Recommended by loco-mocos
While Space Dandy has no plot to speak of, it does have humans and weird aliens living together in space, in a show where random crazy action and non-standard animation can break out at any moment and the main character is always broke. Kekkai Sensen has much more of a plot, but if you like over-the-top action sequences and a setting where every other background character is a weird out-of-this-world creature, then you've come to the right show because this one has it in spades.
report Recommended by noirgrimoir
Both anime are stylish. Both have a really wacky but really fun storyline (though Kekkai Sensen has some more seriousness to its plot) Both have beautiful, creative animation done by BONES. Both feature exotic-other worldy settings and creatures.
report Recommended by Blood-Typemaster
Similar animation styles. Both have many different kinds of aliens. Set in society where life with aliens around is normal and VERY exciting. Lots of thrill. Both are great watches :D
report Recommended by Izzers7
Almost the same vibes. If you like anime with fantastic visuals, story, and music with a hint of sci-fi. Likes are this is for you.
report Recommended by taka55
If you want a crazy anime that is full of cretiveness, both are good choices. You will find : - An episodic format with a frantic pace - An unforgetable main cast and some great secondary characters - A stunning animation made by Studio BONES - An incredible soundtrack containing very diverse musical genres - A rich universe filled with strange creatures and landscapes - A constant alternation between a comedic atmosphere and some more serious and dramatic scenes - An epic conclusion - Great OP/ED
report Recommended by Joachim_Joestar