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Every so often, an experience comes along that kicks you in the face. Gurren Lagann is brimming with adrenaline and GAR-fueled moments, and Redline might be the only other piece of animation that matches it in magnitude. A racing film at heart, there are intense action scenes and gorgeous visuals that raise the bar for animation in film. While its narrative is definitely lacking, I will guarantee that you will have a smile plastered onto your face by the end.

Don't miss this film.
report Recommended by WhaleWright
Both series have similar artwork as well as crazy action that is out of this world.

The main male protagonist from both series is also daring and courageous often willing to take risks. The female protagonists in both series also have similiar personalities.

There are a lot of action scenes, drama, comedy, and some romance.

Both series are very fast paced and contains a noticeable soundtrack.
report Recommended by Stark700
Both Redline and Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann (TTGL) have similar style of animation, that is the standard goodness of Gainax. TTGL and the movie focus on the action, much more than plot, and are something that would be enjoyed more if we just relax and watch the awesomeness.
report Recommended by bunny1ov3r
Gurren Lagann and Redline are similar shows in only a few aspects as the two are in different genres, Gurren Lagann being a mecha and Redline being a racing anime. They are also animated by different studios Gurren Lagann being done by Trigger and Redline being done by Mad House. Redline stands as a single movie with no extensions where as Gurren Lagann is a 27 episode series with multiple ovas, specials, etc. However both of them also have very crazy and unique art-styles; practically throwing colors everywhere. As well as the two sharing a very similar way of being told in how they both   read more
report Recommended by ChickenBlocker
Redline is so utterly ridiculous that even after my constant pondering, the only thing I could come up with was Gurren Lagann, another anime that requires you to put your brain into hibernation in order to enjoy it

-Both have extremely good animation, with flashy colors
-Both are about machines and boosting their power to make them stronger
-Both have a hint of romance and an older brother type character that is manliness incarnate
-Both have to do with aliens from space
report Recommended by thelectricow