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Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
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Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
Sengoku Basara
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Sengoku Basara
Though in terms of plot/settings Basara and TTGL are nowhere similar, they both feature over-the-top action that suspends belief and kicks logic to the curb, not to mention they have characters that are full of manly high spirited charisma.
report Recommended by Kantarou
Admittedly heavily different premise-wise, Sengoku Basara is an adaptation of the game of the same name, which focuses on wars in Feudal Japanese history. Yet the characterizations of the characters and the incredibly over-the-top combat style just evoke a feeling reminiscent of Gurren-Lagann.
report Recommended by gryupus
Contain hyper-accelerated adrenaline induced manliness that not only kicks logic to curb the but then proceeds to beat it with a shovel
report Recommended by Haku-Selphir
Bright costumes, crazy animation, and more epic-manly-over-the-top-dramatic-fight-scenes than you could ever think possible. These are the tarits that mark Gurren Lagann and Sengoku Basara. The plots are nowhere near each other in semblance, but both series certainly evoke the same feelings. Oh, those manly, manly feelings.
report Recommended by Overcooled
Its not the setting or the animation that makes these anime similar, its the style. It has that way over the top epic action anime that makes you want to rooting for the characters in there fights.
Other similarities:
1.) It is an action anime with fighting and wars.
2.) A large cast of epic charaters.
3.) All characters have that "Epic Man Fighting Spirit" thing going on.
report Recommended by Kaizoku_Mugiwara