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Gate: Jieitai Kanochi nite, Kaku Tatakaeri
Both shows have an otaku protagonist who is hired by the government to go to another world.
report Recommended by GridironOtaku
They both got the Modern Vs Fantasy story plus with the political conflict between the government but the main different for both of them are genre, one going action route and another comedy route
report Recommended by SOS_Sama
Basically if you liked Outbreak Company then you will probably like Gate: Similarity The MC are an Otaku Take you to another world Involve some type of war/battle Differences So far Gate: looks like it will be more focused on Earth VS the other world Gate: is less moe Outbreak Company shows more of the Otaku culture
report Recommended by Nymh
Both involves an otaku protagonist hired by the military to explore a new world. Both have 2 worlds connected by a gate, one world is the modern Japan while the other world is a fantasy world (elf, magic, dragons, etc.)
report Recommended by Deschia
The first episode so the main characters very similar Otaku males that have to deal with culture and diplomatic relationships that have arises between modern and medieval age. Both have great characters and the art and setting allows you to believe you are actually the one there. If you are into new world genre stop what you are doing and watch both of these. The only difference between the two is the amount of episodes (24 for gate and 12 for Outbreak Company).
report Recommended by LuciferSpirt
Main protagonists of these series are both full-fledged otaku. While Kanou Shinichi from Outbreak Company is a more hardcore one and a hikkikomori too, Itami Youji from GATE is a more moderate one with respectful job as JSDF soldier. Both are thrown into fantasy-setting world somehow against their wills. The main difference is that Outbreak Company is a cute moe comedy with some ecchi elements and only a bit of drama, while GATE is a more serious attempt to portray what it would be if this were to happen in our world.
report Recommended by mozgow
the main characters , the themes , even the art remeber alots of Outbreak company , the main difference betwen both are that Outbreak company is a more lightly parody/comedy and Gate is more a "serious" military/fantasy , if you like one you will like the other.
report Recommended by tribopower
Legit Outbreak Company is a more passive version of a "what-if" scenario of fantasy meets modern day Japan. Only real difference is that Gate holds a more usual military approach whilst Outbreak Company has a more of a cultural influence. Reminds me of playing Civ and you have the option of winning via, military/culture/economic/etc. this is basically what you've got.
report Recommended by BrotherBerzerk
Its a story about Japan people get in to another world , its fantasy world and they want to make negotiate for life in peace
report Recommended by taufikkun
In this two animes the lead character is an otaku, who is send to an other world (Medieval age + Magic) where he will encounter magical creatures like elves, etc. I belive that this anime will focus im a more militaristic view of conquering/colonizing a new world, compared whit Outbreak Company. But apart from that it has the same settings.
report Recommended by ChonaCio
A myystery Gate/Portal was opened in japan. what does the gate covers? what kind of creature will they encounter? This anime is something to look forward to.
report Recommended by Kazuko_Rin
Gate and Outbreak company are similiar in the aspect that they are an isekai where the characters are not stuck in the other world but still can cross between the two worlds. In both anime the mc is supported by the japanese government to become somewhat of a negotiatior between the two worlds. The difference between the two are that Gate is more of a military/action type while Outbreak Company is more of a Parody/comedy type.
report Recommended by Reapermask
Both main characters are otaku traveling to fantasy world. The MC in Outbreak Company is however a PR manager instead of a soldier so the story itself is different.
report Recommended by RuriBellcraft
They both have the same problems. The current world suddenly connect with another world. And both got the same kind of another world. they both also try to exploring the another world both in terrain and culture. The different is Outbreak Company is more Comedy-Parody, and Gate more politics-Military.
report Recommended by Hentoki
The current world Suddenly connected to another world (Fantasy world) A world w/ Dragon , elf , dark elf , sorcerer , etc .
report Recommended by lRenzyl
-mysterious gate opened from another world -military -Both MC are Otaku
report Recommended by Claeux
-Both involve "Japan meets world similar to a RPG." Differences: -Outbreak Company focuses more on the cultural exchange; Manga, games, slang, etc. -Gate takes it in a more realistic direction; Military, media, war, government, dictatorship, etc.
report Recommended by Blankiez
They both feature an otaku as the protagonist being transported into a new world that has magic and are tasked with spreading Japanese influence into the newfound world, in Outbreak Company through spreading moe culture and in GATE through a military invasion. The difference is that GATE is a right-wing military propaganda portraying JDF as the good guys despite invading the new world and Outbreak Company is not.
report Recommended by TKoBuquicious
The biggest similarity between these two show is it's world setting. How a nation acts after finding out that there's another world just like their own. Japanese Self Defence Force is involved in both shows. Main character including other characters are trying to build up a good and peaceful relationship between two world. So one can say, it's really similar!
report Recommended by Minar-kyun
Main Characters are both otaku Both anime has a portal/gate leading to a fantasy world Both enjoyable anime!
report Recommended by haracro
In both stories a "gate" to another world opens. Both stories talk about military overpowering the "another world" people and try to make peace together. Both MCs have influence on the army and the peace agreement.
report Recommended by MisterMustache
Gate and Outbreak Company are very similar to each other. Why? First, there is the portal to other world. The protagonist of both anime are otakus.They both work for JDSF. They explore and discover the wonders of fantasy world and bring the Japanese culture and modern technology there. Of course, there is also harem that includes demi-humans.
report Recommended by Frobbly
-They both are similar in the sense that they show the JSDF stumbling upon a fantasy world, and exchange of cultures take place -Outbreak is a parody, and thus acts like one. GATE has a proper story and is more engaging
report Recommended by Joeywatches
very similar.Politics+Isekai,both have a Gate to another World.
report Recommended by peodsgns