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Ranpo Kitan: Game of Laplace
Both are excellent shows that incorporate several main themes such as butteflies and the human condition with maturity behind a deceptive outer appearance.
report Recommended by Nidhoeggr
By borrowing ideas from the famous Zhuangzi’s recountal of a butterfly dream, employing the leitmotif of butterfly as a powerful symbol of transformation, and setting up a mysterious and palpably grisly atmosphere, Pupa and Ranpo Kitan, both in their own ways, seek to explore the uncertainty and frailty of human existence, as well as provide commentary on the prevalence of decadence in the desensitized modern society. With true horror becoming an increasingly rare phenomenon in the anime industry, the viewer may find the two titles to be refreshingly deviant in their disloyalty to the anime norms.
report Recommended by metamorphius
Both are grim, moody, mature anime that involve butterfly symbolism and a fair amount of mystery and gore.
report Recommended by lordzeru
You like butterflies right? I like butterflies, butterflies are deep, thankfully both Pupa and Game of laplace capitalise on this excellent symbolism to produce thought provoking works of animation. Both take a cute little sister protagonist and have an older teen tag along to be "that guy". And of course, to ensure that both will be remembered as serious dramas both pack copious amounts of gore that you should take seriously, definitely
report Recommended by Reialgo
Similarities are as follows: -cute protagonist(s) -violence -death -symbolic butterflies -blood, lots of it. so much blood. -very mature
report Recommended by Tongue
At an initial glance both narratives seem to be another nauseating permutation of gore fantasy. However, one needs to look beyond the veneer and find the mature multifacted symbolism that explores our primordial instincts that is juxtaposed to the stagnation of consciousness from society. Both are apropos reflections of society. Both can be considered artforms and it's for those that can handle the subject matter. There is nothing otaku about each of the anime, so be prepared. Clearly a tour de force from both their respective authors.
report Recommended by Exinqt
Very intelligent pieces of work about nihilism and involve the concept of death and rebirth. An engaging cast of characters and an interesting storyline, as well as amazing artwork and gorgeous animation quality make these must watches for anyone looking for a deep, mature, complex psychological horror, potentially rivaling masterpieces like the Shining and the Silent Hill 2 video game.
report Recommended by sushiisawesome
Mature, thought provoking tales about justice in a failing society. Both involve deep butterfly symbolism and copious amounts of gore.
report Recommended by Ventris
Both share several main themes such as butteflies and maturity. BUT Pupa is sh*t.
report Recommended by desa_unicorn