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"That which does not kill us makes us stronger." Friedrich Nietzche Why are humans at the epitome of all biodiversity? We have the ability to think, we have the ability to reflect, we have the ability to dream. How about Miura's Berserk and Urasawa's Monster? Alhough dissimilar in plot content wise and settings wise, both Berserk and Monster attempted, and did portray: Human nature. Griffith, a power-hungry, though passionate sociopath, rises up the ranks through cunning and despicable ways, concealed by his charisma and charm. Johan, driven by his lust of power and control over humans, has emerged out of the horrors of living hell to become   read more
report Recommended by grayrebornnhy
The stories are totally different, but if you look at it from Johan's or Griffith's point of view, they are quite similar. They are both pretty dark but very sad too at times.
report Recommended by movoning
Both animes have: A: a seemingly perfect character (Johan or Griffith) who is in fact not as flawless as it looks like. B: another main character (Dr. Tenma or Guts) who is trying to reveal the true face of this seemingly perfect being.
report Recommended by Dzsoz182
It seems far-fetched but it isn´t. The plot and the setting are nothing alike but the true themes of them both are quite similar. what is Morales? What is wrong and what is right? How does the interacting between human beings affect one another? What does it take to create a monster? And is the monster truly evil or is it a victim of its past and psyche? These are just a few of the big questions both animes ask us viewers. Of course you can watch berserk for the lesser serious themes for its actions and such on but no one can say that berserk isn´t philosophical   read more
report Recommended by ProfaneValkyrie
Both have some incredible villains, and both of the manga are extremely popular and sought after. They are both character driven, and ALL of the characters are easy to love. Neither are science fiction, and take place in varying levels of the past. Also, for either anime, prepare yourself for the ending. Without saying too much, your mouth will probably be agape by the time you're finished with either anime. Enjoy!
report Recommended by SixLeafCloverOF
Although Monster and Berserk do not share a similar setting or even a similar story they both explore human nature and dark themes such as nihilism in an explicit and serious manner. Both shows develop their themes by focusing on two characters and the interactions between them, whether direct or indirect.
report Recommended by Platypus7