Monster, Zankyou no Terror Recommendations

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Zankyou no Terror
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Zankyou no Terror
Similar dark psychological feelings to it, both have kids who get majorly screwed up in government experiments. Monster has much more horror vibes/moments to it though.
report Recommended by Bae-chan
Well Monster is basically the same but with more plot, episodes. What stands out the most is the point of view both have protagonists who stand out in a specific field but overall Monster does a way better job at tackling the "situation". In conclusion if you liked Zankyou no Terror than you will love Monster.
report Recommended by Ripstuff
They both have the same feel about them and both are thriller anime with complex characters.
report Recommended by ASliceOfLoaf
Main sources of both stories are secret experiments on children and Shibizaki looks like Lunge, they are fairly brilliant..
report Recommended by Zorro58
These two series are full of on-the-edge-of-your-seat psychological suspense. I honestly wish that Zankyou no Terror was just as long as Monster. Sphinx (Nine and Twelve) from Zankyou no Terror is very similar to Johan in Monster. Both characters have unknown origins and histories shrouded in mystery that are later revealed. Both were part of a human experiment as children that broke them mentally. For the most part, it is unknown what motivates these characters; they seem to carry out their crimes just to watch the world burn. The crimes themselves are rather mysterious too; Sphinx's terrorist attacks intentionally avoid killing people; Most of the murders   read more
report Recommended by m-i-c-h-a-e-l
Zankyou no Terror and Monster have a few pretty significant similarities in terms of plot and themes. For example: -Both involve children being used in government experiments. -Both have young genius characters who commit crimes for reasons not fully explained until you get closer to the conclusion of the series. -Similarly to Tenma's hunt for Johan in Monster, Shibazaki taking a personal interest in bringing 9 and 12 to justice is one of the main driving forces behind Zankyou no Terror's plot. -While these are more central aspects of Monster, Zankyou no Terror also has elements of mystery and suspense. While Monster has a cast of characters that are more morally   read more
report Recommended by ineedsunflowers
both are psychological thrillers that leave you hooked and interested till the very last episode. both make you question why every person does what he/she does.
report Recommended by avatarelena
Let me tell you how this is similar in a way. Monster had a concentration camp type of thing, where they were trying to make and or find a leader, which had to be highly intelligent. Zankyou no Terror also had a concentration camp for highly intelligent kids. One more thing that was similar both had a mystery them to, Monster is way more mystery and obviously better.10/10
report Recommended by Lord_Valzin
Has strong similarities to Naoki Urasawa's "Monster": a group of kids with heighten intellects and a quest for terrorism (and revenge), the orphanage institute that raised them as science experiments, and the mad detectives with an knack of solving tough cases .
report Recommended by kushmon