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Love Hina
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Asu no Yoichi!
Lots of fun, lots of accidents, lots of punches, lots of love. Besides Keintaro is a normal Student, Yoichi is a Samurai.
report Recommended by MahadoKusanagi
I think you'll find the characters and situation to be VERY similar, so unless you have some sort of pathological fear of something in one anime or the other, you should enjoy both.
report Recommended by Grmo
Both have harem, both have the same kind of ecchi situations and both Yoichi and Keitaro sometimes "fly" after kick by girl ;P
report Recommended by doorotka
Both of these series involve a dense, perverted, and slow (typical harem lead) male that goes to live in a place full of girls. In both series, all of the girls start to like the male lead for various reasons but can't bring themselves to admit their feelings.... very typical harms on both accounts.
report Recommended by shinigamidono
Both feature a male who is more or less forced into a situation where he is living with a number of very different girls. The characters in both have virtually the same personality types, as both series's feature: - A level headed, fairly pleasant male who's your typical tsundere victum - A bossy, violent 'head of the household', obvious love interest girl - A grumpy girl who's involved in a love triangle with the above - A mischevious, creative girl (one in 'Yoichi', two in 'Hina') - A 'cute' little moe girl (these two are virtually idenitical) Ecchi related misunderstandings and fanserivce are of the plenty in, aswell as girl on   read more
report Recommended by Queen_Stars
As I progress watching Love Hina more and more, I can only think how similar these two anime series are! It even has the same types of characters. Only difference is that Love Hina has some supernatural stuff (other than kendo/samurai being able to manipulate the air with their Chi/sword or whatever).
report Recommended by Alex796