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- boy must marry/be in a relationship with a girl with blonde hair - but he loves someone else and the girl he loves, loves him too, but they have both problems, to confess their feelings to each other (they do it, but it's complicated for both) - both girls become pretty good friends (blonde hair girl doesn't have friends) - school setting is similar - names are also pretty similar (Nisekoi = False Love, Koi to Uso = Love and Lies)
report Recommended by karakatsu
Both MC has to marry one specific girl which in Koi to uso is chosen by the government and in Nisekoi , chosen by the MC Both has drama , except that Nisekoi is more like a romantic comedy. Both gives you cute chills <3 Both ends or start with Koi (Nisekoi to uso - False love and lies)
report Recommended by junjune
The storyline in these series have some major similarity, Nisekoi (Raku x Chitoge x Onodera) and Koi to Uso (Yukari x Ririna x Misaki) , yep the triangle-concentrated love. Both story told about how a male stuck between the love one vs the fate one, the love-story that happen lot in the school. Highly recommended because not only will see the similarity in these anime, but you will fill the other sensation which not happen in the both story.
report Recommended by edJona
In both anime the MC is forced into a relationship, while he has a crush on another girl. The girl he is forced to marry/be in a relationship, after a while, doesn't seem to be that bad as he originally thought.The rest is False Love vs True Love. P.S. Weirdly enough, the girls they have a crush on share the same voice actor.
report Recommended by AlexPlayer
The story is similar. Koi to Uso has more mature and serious plot while Nisekoi has comedic plot in terms of romance.
report Recommended by Half-MagePrince
Both deal with a classic harem. Though Nisekoi has more characters in it, it still focuses on a love triangle. Personally, I never thought the ending to Koi to Uso would happen. They both have different endings, one has chosen only one and the other chose both. It will show you the different perspective's of a protagonist.
report Recommended by Weeberness