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Slice of life, comedy. Minami-ke is probably better when it comes to comedy since the jokes are too obvious (the comedy in Lucky Star is related to anime and you need to have watched quite a lot to get all those). Oh yea, Lucky Star is much more slice of life than comedy (and vice versa with Minami-ke). In short, i enjoyed Minami-ke a bit more but they are both highly recommended if you are a fan of the genre .
report Recommended by Andu
Like watching some eventful daily life of average anime girls? These two titles are for you. One is very laid back with extreme reference to today's real life Japanese society and the other is done in chapters-styled episode involving random activities.
report Recommended by chibuki
Both are slice-of-life, episodic comedies with mostly female characters (though minami-ke has more male characters).
report Recommended by shadowraze
They're both comedies and slice of life shows and they're both very random and funny. Lucky Star is a lot more 'laid back' though, while Minami-ke isn't as 'laid back'. Also, Lucky Star has several references to the Japanese culture and to several anime.
report Recommended by Mellie
Both these animes are just random & hilarious. There isn't any plot for both of them but the story centres around daily conversations & interactions between the characters of the show. Lucky Star already ended & IMO the most worthy anime to fill the place left by Lucky Star would be Minami-ke.
report Recommended by Takeru
Hmmmmmm, Both Of These Shows Have The Same Insaness ^^
report Recommended by PhAzEsHiFt
Both anime concentrates on a few girls' life. It's like watching the life of some random girls, only that it's not in real life. Both are funny and hilarious, and there's no plot for both of the anime.
report Recommended by Piapia
The two anime are quite alike in spirit and humor. However, Lucky Star is more childish while Minami-ke is more mature even though it shares the same weird sense of humor that'll make you smirk to the very last moment of the series.
report Recommended by K4emic
Both of these series are hilarious. One follows the daily life of three young sisters, the other follows the daily life of four high school girls and their friends. And there's no plot besides that XD Both are very random and fun to watch. Lucky Star does a lot of parodying of other anime and has a more slice if life aspect, but both series are still incredibly similar. I'm pretty sure if you enjoyed one, you'd enjoy the other XD
report Recommended by ASH-Hikari
Both anime have no plot, because both are slice-of-life. The most important thing: they're hilarious
report Recommended by lupi_san
Slice of Life, Comedy, Minami-ke is a great and very funny anime with epic characters! great art style, very similar to Lucky Star because of its Comedy. ;D
report Recommended by Kazunga
There is showed a lot of interesting in the common people's way of life. Also they both are too funny ((;
report Recommended by Zakura
It has no story line, each episode is as random as a lucky star episode.
report Recommended by DesuMan
Both shows feature of cast of girls finding amusement from everyday situations
report Recommended by Dr_Jan_Itor
Both are slice of life following the everyday lives of girls.
report Recommended by Jejune
As random and as epic!
report Recommended by xBreeze
Both discuss the dailly lives of young group of girls
report Recommended by IMA-sama
Well, both are slice-of-life stories that center simple day to day activities. Both are very entertaining and fun to watch.
report Recommended by niiica
They both portray the everyday life of girls They both are comedy's and they're both awesome
report Recommended by asjgfhapwh
Absolutely no plot other than the main character's everyday lives.
report Recommended by tnelson027
Both of these anime are just to watch for something relaxing and for a good laugh,they feature multiple characters and have a soft artstyle and have a story mostly centred around a group of friends messing around. There's nothing extreme or serious going on and neither of these series take themselves seriously so both are good to watch when you just want to have a laugh.
report Recommended by Objurgo
-Both are slice of life -Both have a school setting -Plotless comedy -Awesome and likable characters as well as a variety of them too!
report Recommended by spearlord
The daily lives of the girls activities, either it is moe, cute, or random funny moments. The story is slice of life comedy focusing on the girls activity, usually an all female cast doing something fun. Not much of a story, but you will find them a likable cast until the end of the show. Lucky star, follows the daily lives of four high school students doing what they do best and basically a lot of popular culture. Minami-Ke follows the daily lives of three sisters who goes to different grade schools and often have a large cast.
report Recommended by omega_d94
Both are SOL, comedy and school genre, and both are funny as fuck. Both depict the daily school lives of girls (mainly high school) and the unique "evolution" that comes after that.
report Recommended by LordOfCinder21