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The Anime's genre is different, however I find many of main characters quite similiar in both of animes. (Kagami would be clannad's Kyou, Tsukasa=Ryou, Konata=Fuko). I can quite assure that if viewers enjoyed Lucky Star's Characters, they surely would enjoy/appreciate Clannad and It's Characters.
report Recommended by ChocolateTruffle
Lucky Star and Clannad are very alike cause they're mostly about humor :) But Clannad WILL MAKE YOU CRY (Warning just for you people :) ). And if you didn't cry, that means you either have no heart, or you didn't watch it all the way through. ._.

Ok, so back to where we were, Clannad also has characters that are similiar to Lucky Star characters, not exactly like them, but similiar at least ^_^ This anime also features romance, which is something that Lucky Star didn't feature (Note: This is the stuff that will make you cry :) ). Well, Clannad is mostly   read more
report Recommended by Vlayer6
Both Clannad and Lucky Star are beautiful animes that focus on topics such as friendship, everyday living and comedy.
report Recommended by okasian
They're quite different from one another. Lucky Star will make you laugh while Clannad will make you laugh and cry :) Oh and Lucky Star characters have similar looking characters in Clannad. Kagami - Kyou, Tsukasa - Ryou and Konata - Fuko
report Recommended by Jaye19
Humorous slice-of-life, similar-looking characters with similar backstories, and perking your happiness up with a salting of sadness.

Don't expect them to be the same, though. Clannad's got the strong points in terms of anime, but Lucky Star is really about otaku(s).
report Recommended by LoidNerdy101