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High level action, many powers, epic battles and several plot twist. Akame ga Kill's "imperial arms" are like Kill la Kill's "uniforms".
report Recommended by Disillusion
ELITE GROUPS + WEAPONS: The "goku uniform" in Kill la Kill and "imperial arms" in Akame ga Kill both play a central role in the overall plot of the stories. Both animes have a high level of action, great humour, plot twists, and unique complex characters.
report Recommended by knightdreaming
both animes are involve with lot of epic battles. they have similar main characters. and most important thing is the character drawings "design" and it seems that the producers are using the same drawing technique these animes also have awesome backgrounds and similar environment. if you like one check out the other
report Recommended by Caliph
Akame ga Kill! is basically Kill la Kill and Game of Thrones combined. It has lots of ability based combat, interesting story revolving around the problems in the kingdom, and many deaths. And It's awesome.
report Recommended by Jcherry
MC are both similar. You have to like the clothing or weapon to wore it. In both anime their special gear evolved. Everything is about killing. In both anime MC wants to make a revoliution and joins a organizations.
report Recommended by JustJ0ke
- Strong female characters who take their destiny into their own hands. - Some good humor and tasteful action scenes that will leave the watcher wanting more. - An exciting story that includes surprises and plot twists - and don't forget about the extremely likeable villains
report Recommended by toowicked
Strong and independent girls in search of great power, Akame ga Kill! it may be good for you who wants to continue in the worlds of great fights.
report Recommended by Moddrin
To start, the title is very similar to the title. There are characters that use a sword to fight and have rapid movements in terms of speed and reaction time. There are also characters that sport special suits known as either Kamui or Regalias. Likewise, in Akame ga Kill, some characters have special weapons known as Imperial Arms. Lastly, the main character of Akame ga Kill is visually similar to the main character of Kill la Kill, with black and red clothing and skirts.
report Recommended by Century_Orion
funny and action packed kill la kill wont compare (it's better) but akame ga kill is enjoyable, it tugs at your heartstrings and makes you wanting more. the short series leaves you satisfied and wishing for more. would recommend both kill la kill and akame ga kill
report Recommended by Lemounge