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Initial D First Stage
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Initial D First Stage
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Yowamushi Pedal
Both main characters ride their machine (car in Initial D and bicycle in Yowapeda) and somehow they end up in a team and race against other people in mountain roads.
report Recommended by edwarx
While the other characters aren't similar, both of the main characters are boys in high school who are talented in riding a particular vehicle (car in Initial D and bike in Yowamushi Pedal). Despite showing no interest in the sports of their respective vehicles, they have used them frequently and gained a natural talent for riding them, due to doing a certain activity constantly from a young age (delivering Tofu at night and riding to Akihabara). Eventually, they race against someone else, revealing their true potential despite their outdated/unprofessional models (AE86 and a mommy bike). Other racers are then attracted to their skill. However, Initial   read more
report Recommended by sword123
The focus on competitions and getting into the technicality of driving or riding in both Initial D and Yowamushi Pedal both have nice balances. Both main characters initially never were involved in the sport and become interested early in the series. Seeing that sort of excitement was fun in both. The excitment developed during races are also very similar. I'd have to say in terms of differences, Yowamushi Pedal is bit more light-hearted and innocent due to the main character and settings but overall the feelings and shining parts of both series are very similar and will be enjoyed with both series.
report Recommended by yngtadpole
Initial D and Yowamushi Pedal takes the idea of competitions and brings it to a level like never before. The competitive atmosphere of both series are astonishing as we witness the main characters compete against one another. They strive to do their best and improve through experiences while learning from mistakes.

Both series focuses on different sports but involves the usage of a vehicle. Among them are various brands that characters use/adjust to give them an edge in the competition. Additionally, each character has their own style in operating their vehicles that brings out the shows' uniqueness.
report Recommended by Stark700
Both are about 2 highschoolers who are talented at using vehicles for speed one with a bike and with a car. In Yowamushi the main character isn't interested in sports and cycling but has cycled everyday to his favorite anime shop 45km away since the 4th grade. In Initial D the main charater isn't interested in street racing but had to deliever tofu for his father and drive up and down the mountain pass since the 7th grade. Also they both use very out dated vehicles, in Yowamushi the main character uses a Mommy Bike and in Initial D the main character uses a car   read more
report Recommended by fallenbunzx