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White Album 2
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White Album 2
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In both of these anime music plays a large role in the development of characters and romance. There is also plenty of drama and feels. Differences include White Album 2 being more on the serious side, while Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso tends to be a little less serious through its addition of comedy.
report Recommended by Xenovius
Both shows use music as the main plot device to drive character development and romance. Being shows about music, both also feature fantastic soundtracks. Differences: -White Album 2 focuses solely on romance, but Shigatsu focuses more on the endeavors of each character and their underlying reasons. -Unlike Shigatsu, White Album 2 continously maintains a serious mood as comedy is virtually non-existent in that show.
report Recommended by hyperfire
Both involve heavily on OST being a music genre which are highly regarded, drama and romance also plays at certain points in the storylines which develops character, and the piano prodigies play godly respectively. Differences are that WA2 is more (undecisiveness) drama and (love triangle) romance oriented so a more serious approach.
report Recommended by OppaiSugoi
If you really are into music anime you should definitely watch Shigatsu wa kimi no Uso after White ablum two. Both the anime's have piano in them but Shigatsu wa kimi no Uso goes deeper into the piano part and white album 2 also does many other instruments ( Shigatsu wa kimi no Uso also has violin). The romance in this anime is similar to Shigatsu wa kimi no Uso which u can see when you watch it yourself ;)
report Recommended by Layme
The pure unrelentless dedication of playing music shines deep within both series, as the characters struggle to find their inner music purposes within both life and the musical world.
report Recommended by Demonstzer
Both musical anime with characters that feel alone and eventual depressing themes
report Recommended by Bolt1984
Both have a girl with great musical talents, where the protagonist marvels at her.
report Recommended by OtakuNote87
- Both anime have drama as their genre - Both have music, but it is the main genre for YLIA - Both have romance, but it is the main genre for WA2
report Recommended by 14knguyen2
I'd recommend watching this after Your Lie in April, for two reasons. Firstly with WA2 compared to YLIA are similar but totally different. White Album 2 handles a similar theme, but for a more mature audience. It's the older teenage version in my opinion. Secondly, the two anime are so similar in a lot of aspects. Musically charged themes, to forward character development and relationships. I'd highly recommend watching both a seeing for yourself.
report Recommended by Kittokatsu
it's definitely relevant in terms of music but it might not be similarly intense when it comes to cry out loud
report Recommended by KabeerRajoria
Both of them have a connection with music and at some point something unpredictable happens.
report Recommended by Lexii-chan
Whenever I think of Your Lie in April, this is the second show that comes to mind as they both are great romances, and have a lot of feels. This comment probably doesn't do it much justice but if you liked shigatsu you will most likely like White Album 2 as well.
report Recommended by giroliro3