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Both have human turned monsters, and they eat humans. Both have have organization specialize in killing them Both main chars' family/loved one are killed by monsters, thus making them to join the organization Both main characters travel around wherever the missions lead them
report Recommended by hokaru
Most of the main characters in both shows are the warriors that are members of a mysterious organization. They are assigned by it to slay man-eating monsters roaming the world, and protect the common folk in general. Both main characters are experienced by life, because they lost their families in a monster attack. This suffering became their main motivation to join an organization dedicated to training monster slayers. What is more, swords play an important role in these two series. In Claymore there are claymores, and in Kimetsu no Yaiba there are katanas.
report Recommended by Adnash
Similar setting - demons roam the world and are hunted down by an organization that sends demonslayers/claymores after them. In both cases the protagonist is in the demon-killing business, although their motivations differ. Both shows are pretty dark. If you like this setting, you should give both shows a shot.
report Recommended by Railey2
Are both dark fantasy are both man-eating Claymore have Yoma, Kimetsu no Yaiba demons are both seeking for revenge are both works in killing monsters are both have organization in Killing monsters claymore have organization and Kimetsu no Yaiba have Demon Killing Corps. claymore set on a fictional medievalis and more gore and darker than Kimetsu no Yaiba
report Recommended by Raventale
Both dark fantasy. Both have "monsters" eating on humans. Both have familar feelings. (Are they really monsters?) Both have some kind of organization that fight's monster. Diffrences: Kimetsu no Yaiba is set in Japan. Claymore is more "European" setting.
report Recommended by wolf3213
- they're both shonen with dark elements - they both feature man-eating monsters, Yoma in Claymore and Demons in Demon Slayer - they both feature a certain monster-slaying organization of powerful warriors, the Claymores and the Demon Slayer Corps - the organizations have members, that are ranked by strength - both features sword fighting, monster-slaying, and lots of beheading - the MCs lost a loved one in their life and thus were willing to join the monster-slaying organization and seek revenge
report Recommended by BropixWuff
Warriors from an unofficial organisation fight against man-eating demons. Both are sword fighting manga with well drawn fight scenes. Claymore is set in a fantasy world while KNY is set in Japan, but they both have historical settings. Characters fight to protect regular humans or to get revenge on the demons. (CTRL C+V of my manga recommendation)
report Recommended by Eziprez
Similar: Both shows focus on organizations that hunt down and kill off demons/monsters in order to help protect humanity by means of using a sword. Both shows are very bloody and violent with great action scenes. Both MCs suffer from a tragic loss of someone they love deeply and must train hard to help overcome their enemies. Differences: Claymore follows a badass female MC that wants revenge against a certain demon/yoma and Demon Slayer/Kimetsu no Yaiba follow a young boy who tries to find the cure for his sister that has turned into a demon. Claymore takes place in Medieval Time(most likely in Europe) and Demon   read more
report Recommended by AfterRed14
In claymore there are also demons who eat humans and there is an assigned group of people that are trained to kill the demons. In this anime the demons are called yoma. The yoma slayers are called claymores or silver eyed witches, this name was given to them by the people but their corporation doesn't actually have a name.
report Recommended by emya7777
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