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Both shows feature a cast mostly composed by women fighting "monsters"; on Claymore, women are ranked by power, on Land of the Lustrous by hardness and role; the main character seems to be the weakest one; the male figure is the leader. As the story progress, the main character starts to question the leader, and the purpose and reason behind fighting the monsters. Notice that the animation is different, Land of the Lustrous is CGI, and Claymore is way more violent. But I definitely recommend both.
report Recommended by lilieen
Both animes are about a female lead who begins as the weakest among a class of fighters and evolves through constant hardships to become among the strongest. Boiling the plots down to once sentence, they are the same. Both heavily feature revelations about the past, though Claymore has a greater focus on the backstory of the main character while Houseki has a greater focus on the backstory of the world. Both take place in an alternative world, although Claymore is more medieval while Houseski is more fantasy/futuristic. Both involve a motivating relationship between the main character and a supporting character who is not involved in most   read more
report Recommended by mvhcmaniac
Although they at first glance appear different, I feel the two shows have a very similar core narrative with two very similar protagonists. This, due to the fact they both go through this character arc that drastically changes their personalities. At first, they were very naive, innocent and childlike, however after a certain event they are forever changed into more emotionally cooled off characters. The two shows are also both fantasy and features lots of cool action and fight scenes.
report Recommended by marubin
Both contain a mostly female, similar-looking main cast who have powers and often use swords to fight. They're immortal in both, and can rebuild themselves after dying. If you like either, chances are you'll like the other.
report Recommended by MrFrostbite
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