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Yowamushi Pedal
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Yowamushi Pedal
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Diamond no Ace
Explores friendships, team work, hard work and dedication of each sports striving towards a common goal. Difference being that Yowapeda is more character background-centric than Daiya.
report Recommended by alysael
Same basic passion for the sport. If you're not sold on at least watching sports anime, one or the other will probably sell you on them. Yowamush Pedal goes more on the side of showing crazy characters, but it's nevertheless a similar feeling. If you were told they took place in the same universe, you probably wouldn't be surprised.
report Recommended by Eksevis
Both are sports genre anime that don't rely on supernatural ability-like twists. They stress character development and aren't afraid to have the protagonist or protagonist's team lose in order to strengthen the plot.
report Recommended by bakaburg
Sports heavily dependent on strategy and trust in the ones on your team. Shows how your emotions can get the better of you if you don't keep yourself calm. A lot of simple mind games are played, meaning players try to read the other players actions before they do it. Because of this the games/races are very long analyzing every single play that makes a difference. Both anime are very technical
report Recommended by Agil-san
Reliable senpai-tachi, personal growth, teamwork, exciting and unpredictable games\races, rivalry, very good teams. I was reluctant at first, but had to admit that yowamushi pedal was a nice sport anime too, a little bit different from diamond no ace, but as much captivating. Comedy moments in both series
report Recommended by oOoAurorAoOo
Both are sport anime and focus a lot on people's hardship to get into the main group.
report Recommended by Kosourbites