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Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
Short, loser-ish protagonist that grows into his role as a hero? Check. Emphasis on the importance of being a man and the virtues of such? Check. Combine to form awesome fighting mechs? Check. Fighting to save humanity from countless alien robots? Check.
report Recommended by Dorcas_Aurelia
Both are about Mechas, and combining Mechas.. and nobody knows/understands anything at first.. Rasen Energy for Gurren, and the Paxis System for Vandread.
Both main characters also have low self esteem in the beginning, and realize the importance of friends later..
However, Vandread is not as crazy and random as gurren lagann.. and it also has a more developed and realistic plot.
unfortunately, vandread is missing Yoko, so i wont recommend it for hardcore yoko fans. However, it has 3 main female characters, and another 1 maybe who make up a lot for Yoko.. a hyperactive redhead, a silent, coldhearted-looking bishoujo (yuki   read more
report Recommended by lonehunter88
the story plot is the same, two races that hate each other and tries to kill each other, but later combine power to kill the enemy that tries to wipe out their planet. in tengen its the humans and beastmen, in vandread, its man and women. similar story plot
oh ya theres a lot of mecha in vandread too, so much better than tengen must see
report Recommended by edwardyyu9f
In both the main character is a simple kid that soon appears to be in the centre of the universe. Both are Mecha and take place in the future.
They are of those type of anime that get more and more exciting with every episode and pump you with adrenalin leaving you asking for more and more.
report Recommended by Brain_Dead
Once Vandread introduces the empire's enemy, you will understand. From the tongue in cheek humor to the playful mockery of Shounen mecha norms, Vandread is a great segway from planet hurling goodness XD. Just like TTGL, Vandread seemingly accidentally hits the right chord time and time again, delivering emotional moments many 'serious' animes fail to execute. Where TTGL made you a man, Vandread will show ya what to do with it. Also, you're less likely to get an eye-roll from the girlfriend. ;)
report Recommended by kettei