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Golden Time
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Golden Time
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- Romantic Comedies
- Main character has problems remembering the past
- Two primary girls seek the main character
- Makes you wonder who the main character will end up with
report Recommended by Makar
Stories wrapped up in love polygons and a revisit of the past. Golden Time and Nisekoi formulate this trope into a story involving a main character in complex relationships. The main male protagonist differ in personalities but is kind at heart. On the other hand, the main female protagonist from both series has complex personalities and tends to be aggressive on certain circumstances.

Both series revolves around relationships although Nisekoi has more action while Golden Time has more realism with its more mature setting. Throughout both series, an important content involves the past of the main characters that directly influences on present events.
report Recommended by Stark700
Both plots are for the main character to choose one of the two girls. Both anime have one girl who pisses you off lol. Both also have the girl who is really nice and the best choice.
report Recommended by Kentaku
It's the same concept as Golden Time. The bangy attractive goof of a main character ending up having to choose between two girls that fell for him! Which would they(he) choose ?The girl he's liked all along or the girl that popped out of no where?
report Recommended by plaingeneric
To everyone who likes romantic stuff in anime 100% necessarily to watch.
report Recommended by susan00