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Stella Jogakuin Koutou-ka C³-bu
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Stella Jogakuin Koutou-ka C³-bu
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Taking place in a school setting, both series involves a group of young girls as part of a club with a passion for airsoft gun activities. The main female character share some similarities in their insecurity about themselves. However, their lives change dramatically one day after becoming a member of a club; one that specializes in survival games. Sabagebu has more of an episodic format while Stella C3 has a storyline involving rivalries and competitions. Nonetheless, both series builds no the foundation of action girls using guns. Recommended for viewers interested in lighthearted action-comedy.
report Recommended by Stark700
Sabagebu is Just like C3-bu except not terrible and doesn't drive people to make bad Spec Ops: The Line parodies. Also the main character of Sabagebu is psychotic in a fun way while the protagonist of C3-bu is psychotic in a not fun, edgy way. Both characters have magical reality altering powers.
report Recommended by Sean_A
Both are about survival club using airsoft. Both Protagonist are girl with delusion about wars while using airsoft.
report Recommended by Yukito-Atari
Both are about girls survival game clubs with airsoft guns and the players imagining it to be real, but that is all they have in common. Stella is terrible compared to Sabagebu.
report Recommended by DarknessSerpent
Both about newly transfer high school girl joining survival game club. Both use excessive self illusion.
report Recommended by Br4nd0nHeat
-Both shows have a survival game club in a all girls school. -Both are comedies but Sabagebu is much more random compared to Stella.
report Recommended by React775
Both shows include a group of girls playing around with airsoft guns. Sabagebu has a more lighthearted tone. Stella Jogakuin Koutou-ka C³-bu is lighthearted at first but quickly becomes -competitive. It goes into the bonds between the girls and how they sort out their past disputes.
report Recommended by flylittlebirdie
Its similar to the point of bordering being created using the same storyboard. The characters are similar and both have a new girl conned into joining the survival games club. It is also heavily based on action but has significantly more comedy involved.
report Recommended by UltraDoom
-The Street of the Shot is equally telling of a shooting game using a toy weapon -the characters are played by a group that is filled by young girls from among schoolgirls -not infrequently this anime presents a dramatic scene
report Recommended by MisakiOji