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Tsubasa Chronicle
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Tsubasa Chronicle
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Pandora Hearts
Although it resembles a lot Kuroshitsuji it has a plot like Tsubasa. Memories scattered around and the need to find them, also the events that surround finding those memories. I like it, it's fun.
report Recommended by animenewbie
Similar type of soundtrack and travel between worlds
report Recommended by apollobos
Similarities for both include: - Main character tries to regain memories. - Traveling to different worlds. - Has Yuki Kajiura insert music.
report Recommended by EcchiZen
: I really like the soundtracks in Tsubasa Chronicle and the first thing that make impression to me in Pandora Hearts was the music too (: Then I checked that both soundtracks are by the Japanese composer and music producer Yuki Kajiura. ::The second thing that is similar is the idea of searchingis for the lost memories of the main heroine, with the help of her friends, which she meets on her journey. :::And maybe the tird thing that is similar are the characters, that looks bright, but in the reality have other, more darker sides of them /like Oz and Fye/ Both animes are awesome, so   read more
report Recommended by -Alice-
Two characters,off searching for the memories of the female protagonist of the story.Under different circumstances,but the general objective is the same.Also,Break can seem like a sick minded Fai at times.
report Recommended by MachoGoose
Both have music by my favorite anime composer. I feel like the main characters (Oz, and Sayoron) in both of these shows are similar. And although the plot is different they both have the same feel.
report Recommended by lewiszim
Both series are begin an adventure to find main character memories.
report Recommended by Keihatsu